End Of Day One With A Shebang At The Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2020

We Are Family by Manish Arora at Lakmé Fashion Week SR 20

A Manish Arora collection and show is never a run-of-the-mill presentation, so it was of little wonder that at The Atelier during Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2020 it was a mind-blowing extravaganza by the “Master of Magnificent Fashion” that ended Day One. “We Are Family” celebrated ‘Life is Beautiful’ a grand performance that was a fashion presentation with the Parisian Cabaret atmosphere. It was truly a very bold, daring showcase that defied norms and brought the dreamers to centre stage.

We Are Family by Manish Arora at Lakmé Fashion Week SR 20

To the tune of some surreal music, the mood was set for fashion and dramatic excitement. The 8 gracefully moving models on pedestals were dressed in typical extreme creations by Manish. Unbelievably glamorous gowns, leggings, prints, outlandish headgear and makeup along with dramatic footwear, the visual impact on the audience as they moved around was electrifying. The installations were just perfect and revealed the amazing visual drama that only Manish can create.

We Are Family by Manish Arora at Lakmé Fashion Week SR 20

Unveiling his borderless, gender-neutral, inclusive chorus of ensembles that assembled the great energies of the LGBTQAI+ performers, club kids and beauty monsters from around the globe, the visual result was a memorable, arresting show.

Commenting on the showcase, designer Manish Arora saidShowcased in a magnanimous setting, my presentation “we are family” was a celebration of a stage called life and genderless love and the LGBTQIA+ community that I’m so proud and passionate about. I’m extremely pleased to see my vision so perfectly executed in a larger than life depiction of colour, boldness and of course fashion”

We Are Family by Manish Arora at Lakmé Fashion Week SR 20

Creating drama that was an amazing ever-lasting memory, Manish brought the stark contrast of transparent and opaque fabrics as the basis of his vision. Colours were numerous in variety as they glowed with iridescent beauty that moved seamlessly from the vibrant to the vivid. When it came to silhouettes, Manish is the ultimate adventurer who brought together an amazing mélange and fusion of streetwear that was edgy with his characteristic fashion sensibilities but with hints of haute couture in all its sophisticated glory. The traditional crafts and techniques were brought to the forefront with great creative artistry and adapted to the contemporary ethos of fashion.

Manish Arora’s “We Are Family” brought a perfect end to Day One with glitz, glamour and lots of fashion creativity.


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