Enjoy a hot cuppa this winter!

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There is nothing more delightful than a warm mug of drink in your hand on a chill rainy morning! Add a little coffee and interesting festive elements to your drink, and it pure heaven! So enjoy a hot cuppa this winter, because the season calls for it. Wedding Affair lists some indulgent hot caffeine-induced and super fun drinks for you!

Add a Peppermint Adventure

Bring back childhood memories with delicious, striped candy canes. Add a touch of peppermint to your hot coffee with this refreshing recipe. Simply warm 3/4 of a mug’s worth of milk, before adding 2 shots of coffee and half a teaspoon of peppermint extract. If you’d really like a treat, finish your latte with some whipped cream and a mini candy cane to decorate. This is truly a taste of nostalgia and you’ll find yourself sipping with eyes closed and fond recollections.

Heaven = Apple + Toffee Sauce

hot drinkCaramel Latte Macchiato meets Apple Cider in this fantastic cosy Fall drink recipe that is much better (and cheaper) than anything you can get on Starbucks! This Apple Caramel Latte Macchiato is the cosiest hot coffee to date! It’s packing with warming Fall flavours of apple cider and salted caramel and it’s the perfect treat to warm upon. Definitely much better than Starbucks and not to mention a lot cheaper!

Caramel Dreams

hot drinkAre you very into the idea of a flavoured hot coffee but you’ve never been the kind of person who wants a lot of milk in your beverage? Then stick to espresso and foam while still treating yourself to a salted caramel flavour, just like Canterbury Coffee did here! Drizzle Caramel inside the edges of the cup. Add some crushed toffee at the bottom of the cup. Now pour the black coffee/espresso as per your choice (1 shot or 2) leaving 2 inches from the top. Now start the fun part, shake the Barista Nitro Creamer and add into the coffee.

Dessert Style Latte

Make this caramel Brulee latte, and you’ll be sipping your way to warmth in no time. This particular Starbucks hot drink recipe is one of the most popular from their wide array of holiday-themed drinks. If you’ve ever tasted this flavour-packed latte, then you probably start to crave it in the fall and winter. This year, save some time and money and make it yourself from the comfort of your own home! And if you still want to get this drink from Starbucks, try our little trick below to mixing the right syrups to recreate these flavours of this holiday classic.

Milkshakes once in a while

Boil the coconut milk, vanilla, and cinnamon together. Shock by placing in the freezer for 30 minutes. Blend mixture together with espresso and ice. Or you can try a milkshake that is EXTRA THICK, made with coffee, almond butter, oats, dates and frozen bananas to make the ultimate sweet treat to beat the heat! Enjoy it for breakfast or snack time to keep you full and satiated.

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