Ensuring safety during weddings with certain guidelines


It is not the time to have big fat Indian weddings, the climate has forced us to change up our ways and react accordingly. Weddings used to be an intimate affair, lets go back to the good old days and celebrate weddings with the appropriate guidelines.

Make sure to convey safety guidelines


It should be your number one priority during the pandemic to convey the safety guidelines to your guests and family to have a safe affair. E invitation is the way to go during the pandemic and the instructions should be mentioned on the invitation. It is not rude to remind your guests about the protocols as it is for their own safety and welfare. It is your responsibility to not go overboard during your wedding as that will be irresponsible.

Keep your safety in mind

If youre a guest at someones wedding or a family member you should always keep the safety of yourself and others in mind. If someone is feeling a little under the weather that person should have the sensibility to stay home in that situation. When youre attending any wedding you should have the sense to maintain social distance in order to protect yourself and others too. And lastly, make sure You should not rush anyone in this situation as you should respect everyones boundaries.

Safe venue


One of the most important parts of a pandemic wedding is a safe venue. It is extremely important to have a reliable venue as you should make sure that the venue is fully sanitized and is following all the safety guidelines issued by the government. The organizers should go out of their way to make you feel safe and secure during your wedding. The organizers of the event should have masks at the entrance and sanitation at every corner as it is necessary to have that.

P.S- Unless the above guidelines are being followed there are no worries in order, go get your groom/bride with all the joy and splendor, but dont forget to MASK UP!!

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