Essential tips for the brides to follow for their Haldi ceremony!

haldi ceremony

What according to you is the most fun event in the course of all the ceremonies involved in a wedding? well, of course, your answer would be a cocktail night, but think apart from that? It’s the Haldi ceremony your guys! The Haldi ceremony is probably the only event where you get to pull the leg of the groom and the bride, and you also get to go all groovy at a sundowner. So, have a look at a few essential tips to follow on your Haldi morning:

A sunny outfit!

floral jewellery

Speaking of some haldi essentials well then for starters you ladies should definitely choose an outfit with a sunny vibe to it. And by sunny we mean that your outfits should involve the shades of yellow in it, because cmon what is a Haldi ceremony without the overdose of yellow, right? You can drape a yellow saree with a different colored blouse, a floor-length suit with a yellow dupatta or a yellow indo-western dhoti set might also work in order to give you the stature of the bride” on your own wedding.

Floral adornments

Speaking of the sunny and bright morning on the day of the wedding, all you girls deserve is a refreshing and beautiful-looking set of jewelry. But dont you worry as were not going all extra and heavy, instead you should opt for fresh and natural flowers. From moongra flowers, roses, lilies to any other refreshing flowers, you can form a proper jewelry adornment out of these flowers. From your hands, your ankles, your forehead to your neck everything should be all decked up with flowers. So, that was your tip 2!!

Cool chic shades?!


Well, since we know that the sun bears its own set of troubles, and you ladies would definitely not want your entire makeup to go off and your eyes to go heavy because of the bright sun. So, our third tip for Haldi essentials would be to carry a cool chic pair of sunglasses. Cmon ladies this is the time to flaunt your shades along with your outfit hues. Beat the heat with your coolio glasses on your Haldi ceremony and pose like a #DapperBride in your Haldi selfies.

Groovy playlist!

Okay, so guys now, here is the most essential and important tip to take into account. All you brides need to make sure that your haldi playlist should be all set just to groove your way into the madness of your Haldi ceremony. Your playlists will literally decide the mood of the ceremony, so you better choose some tracks to let loose on.

Sunny Decor!

Last, but definitely not the least tip is to keep your Haldi venue all set with a bright and sunny decor, which means that you will have to keep your Haldi ceremony surrounded by a yellowish decor. Because this way youll get all the feels and vibes of your own Haldi ceremony.

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