How Everyone Reacted To Sabyasachi’s Latest Collection


Sabyasachi Mukherjee has become the latest rage of Indian bridal couture. Bollywood brides like Bipasha Basu, Soha Ali Khan and Anushka Sharma were a fine example of his impeccable art and talent. His breathtaking designs have become increasingly popular and there seems to be no one in the industry right now who can beat him. For a while now, the couture designer has been presenting all his designs on social media platform Instagram. Recently, he unveiled his summer bridal collection and it is nothing but drop-dead-gorgeous.

Here a few thoughts every girl had, looking at his latest collection.

1. Reminds me of how poor I am.


Being the avant garde designer that he is, Sayasachi lehengas come at a whopping amount of money. So much that it can burn a hole in your pocket.

2. Wow, that is so pretty!


Sabyaschi’s designs are so pretty that it makes me want to burn my entire wardrobe and wear his gorgeous lehengas to work!

3. I am on Instagram because of him only.


One can check out the entire Sayasachi collection scrolling through his social media page. Imagine you are going back home after a tiring day at work, stuck in traffic in the cab and that’s when it hits you, Sabyasachi is unveiling his new collection tonight. It sure does make our Instagram feeds a treat to the human eye.

4. I want to get married


Thinking of that sliver possibility that one can get to wear his lehenga at her wedding, makes girls want to get married.

5. Can I find this at Chandni Chowk?


Yes we are broke and we can’t afford his bridal collection. This is where a Sonu Bhaiyya from Chandni Chowk comes to rescue!

6. I’ll have to lose a lot of weight to fit into that.


Yes one may have got excited about getting to wear a Sabyasachi lehenga on her wedding but that also means to cut down on carbs to fit into that beautiful dress.

7. This model is gorgeous!


It is indeed true that Sabyasachi’s designs are worth all the craze but the gorgeous models also need to appreciated. Elegant and poise as they are, they make the outfits look even more marvellous.

8. How does he come up with these designs?


If there is anything more mysterious than Aditya Chopra, it is how does Sabyasachi come up with such amazing designs.

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