Everything you need to know about Pilates


For many people, the new year season brings with it a session of bingeing followed by feelings of guilt. And the strong urge to take one’s fitness in hand. If you experience this too, but don’t know where you can get started then worry not, we have the perfect solution for you! Pilates. It’s an accessible way to work your core muscles and leads to better posture, balance and flexibility. Wedding Affair brings to you everything you need to know about Pilates.

What is Pilates?

During the 1920s, from then onwards, Pilates has been adjusted to suit individuals in a general community. Simply put, Pilates will help you get the strength and agility of a warrior and also a lean, long, flexible body of a ballet dancer! Pilates is a mind and body exercise methodology designed to elongate, strengthen and restore the body. It focuses on all aspects of fitness ensuring you get the maximum benefit from your workout.

How does Pilates work?

Pilates utilises a blend of roughly 50 straightforward, monotonous activities to make a solid effort. Promoters of this arrangement of activity guarantee that activities can be adjusted to give either delicate quality preparing to restoration or a difficult exercise sufficiently overwhelming to challenge talented competitors. The activities are intended to build muscle quality and perseverance, adaptability, and to improve stance and equilibrium.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

From increased resilience to mental wellness, the advantages of Pilates are extensive. The beauty of Pilates is seen when followed as a regular regime in your fitness routine. Through the controlled and reformist movements, you can thoroughly reshape your body. Here are a few benefits that one can easily achieve while doing Pilates: Increased core strength, increased overall strength, improved lean body mass (helps lose inches), improved flexibility and mobility, increased balance and stability, improved posture, develops the function and efficiency of the lungs, safe on the joints, improved sports performance.

Things one should keep in mind before their first Pilates class?

  • Wear form-fitting clothes and do not forget to wear socks.
  • You will feel muscle-burn during the class and probably be sore the next day, so keep in mind to use your energy wisely on the first day of your class.
  • It work on several muscle groups and not just a particular area on your body.
  • There are two different sets of classes one can opt for—mat classes and reformer classes. For beginners, one should first understand the principles of Pilates in a private session.
  • Balance your days once you join Pilates classes, it should be a well-rounded fitness plan to ensure you are getting it all right.

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