Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance - Wedding Affair

Its your wedding day and you’re making such a large investment for this special day, especially in India where the guest list is long and mishaps can possibly happen. we thought it only fair to help explain your options for wedding insurance coverage just in case that’s an option you want to explore.

Wedding Insurance

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance helps cover the cost of vendor mishaps, damages, or injuries that could occur on your wedding day, Especially in weddings involving big budgets and a large crowd, cancellation, postponement or an accident could cause a massive hit on one’s finances and plans.

An insurance plan covers these risks.

Wedding Insurance

So what does it cover?

It is just like any other insurance but for your wedding and covers pretty much everything that can go wrong which include losses from a natural disaster, fire, terror attacks, riots, curfew and theft, the plan can be customised based on the risks associated with the venue.

But,The wedding insurance cover will kick-in only 24-hours prior to the start of the wedding ceremonies, irrespective of when you choose to purchase one and will hold for up to 7days

Premium charged

This will depend on the information related to the parties involved, the number of people attending, venue, decorations etc
The premium will depend on the sum assured for each associated risk.

How to purchase one?

Generally, it covers are included in the expenses by the event planner. The family can also choose to directly purchase one from general insurance companies.