Everything You Need To Know Before Finalising Your Make-Up Artist!


Hello, beautiful brides. So your wedding date is finally finalised and you are marrying the man of your dreams. What next now? The first thing that comes in the mind of make-up fanatic brides is that which artist are they going to choose to doll them up for the most important day in their life. Yes, girls, we know you are a pro at doing your makeup, but why to take the tension of whether your eyeliner wings are at point or is the blush too much if you can just sit and give yourself away in the hands of a make-up goddess. 

Choosing a make-up artist for your Big-Day is like Finding Nemo, too adventurous. So don’t think you have too much time, start looking at least 6 months prior to your wedding only then, you’ll be able to finalise the artist of your dreams in time. A lot of things have to be taken into consideration while choosing a makeup artist and we are here to help you find a perfect one for your wedding. Have a look at the most important things you should ask before sealing the deal with your artist. 

1. Know Her Well 

The first thing you got to do is search as much as you can about your artist-to-be. Look at her social media account, ask her to share her work with you, read reviews and arrange a personal meeting with her and try to explain what kind of look you are looking for. It’s better to know the personality of the person before finalising them for your big day. 

2. Ask About The Services

The second most important thing to do is to know how your make-up artist is going to work. Ask her about the products she will be using and what are her primary techniques. Tell her everything you want for your look on your wedding day and ask about the make-up trial, will it be included in the package or not. Generally, trials are included in the package but since every artist has her own way of working, it’s good to know beforehand how things are going to work. Make sure the package includes Hair, Nails, Draping along with the make-up. 


3. Ask Her About Her Availability Team 

The most important thing to ask is whether the artist is available on the day of your wedding or not. Also, ask the number of bookings she has on the day of your wedding as you don’t want her to hurry and do the make-up. Bridal Make-up and styling involves too much of pressure and it’s an obvious thing that the artist alone won’t be able to do everything. So, you have to ask her how she’s going to divide the work and who will be doing what and how trained they are in their area of work. 

4. Pre-Wedding Routine

Your make-up artist can help you groom up on your D-Day, but for that perfect glow, you have to start working on your skin months before the wedding. Ask your make-up artist about what skin regime you should follow, what diet you should take so that your skin looks healthy and glowing on your big day. 

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5. Expenses

Most important thing is to know about how expensive your stylist is. You’ve gained all the knowledge about how she’s going to work, what products she’ll use, who all will be there in the team; now it’s time to know whether she’s worth it or not. If you feel that she’s charging too much, you can always negotiate the price with her. Also, ask her if she will be doing the make-up of other family members in that price. If you are based in some other city which is different from the city of your stylist, keep in mind you’ll have to pay for her travelling expenses as well. 

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