The Exotic Wedding Planning Conference (EWPC ’17) to Be Held In Goa


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The 4th edition of the Exotic Wedding Planning Conference (EWPC) will be taking place on Aug 3rd and 4th in Goa, India. The conference will be organized by Exito, a business solution company, which constructs tailor made solutions and content for their clients.

The conference will bring together more than 130 elite wedding planners from across the country and more than 40 wedding solution providers from around the globe. The aim of the event is to discuss the upcoming opportunities and the major challenges in the wedding industry.

The EWPC is a tailor made platform for one-on-one executive interaction, leadership sessions, case studies, leader’s panel and unique networking activities.

Every year the EWPC contributes to the 25% -30% Annual Growth of the Indian Wedding Market. So far they have conducted over 600 business meetings which were attended by more than 35 industry leaders and received 65 – 80% re-bookings.

This year the EWPC looks forward to working on topics like, ASPIRATIONAL WEDDINGS 2018 – Wedding Ideas for The year to come, Planner’s Guide to Destination Weddings, Pricing Strategies for Wedding Planners, Wedding Law Do’s & Don’ts, Use of social media to boost wedding business, Crises time Do’s & Don’ts, Balancing your work and life, Dealing with Difficult Parties, etc.

The Event would see an esteemed group of people forming the steering committee and speakers. These include names like, Wayne Gurnick, Creative Director of Moments by Wayne, USA, Meher Sari, Managing Director of Sound of Music India Pvt Ltd, Ankit Bhargava, Director of Regal Weddings, Joe Blackman, CEO of Collection 26, Mohomed Morani, Director of Cineyug International Entertainment, Karan Soorma of Director of Cineyug Celebrations, Bhavnesh Sawnhey, Director of Wedniksha, Rituraj Khanna, CEO of Q Events Pvt. Ltd., Harmony Walton, Founder of The Bridal Bar, USA, Matthew Oliver, Founder of Matthew Oliver Weddings, UK, and many more.

Any company, be it for Bridal wear, wedding cards, caterers, venues, jewellery, florists, or other bridal accessories, who aim at providing for dynamic wedding solutions, along with the face of the face of their company, for decision making and successfully planning a wedding will be welcome to be a part of the EWPC ’17.

The two day event will incorporate a fashion show, cocktail dinners, panel discussion, networking luncheon, and think tank sessions.

By partnering with the event, the companies will get to interact with pre-qualifies wedding planners, and have a lot of networking opportunities. Being part of this exclusive event will also help these companies, with their branding and marketing campaigns.

All wedding planners will fill a questionnaire giving details of their requirements with at least two potential weddings for 2017 & 2018. This will include the budget, number of people and the destination. This information will then be shared with the companies partnering with the event.