Exceptional Decors for Bridal Haldi

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Every bride desire that the functions preceding her wedding must be thrilling beyond imagination. Venues for occasions like Cocktail, Mehndi, SangeetHaldi ceremonies should be managed in a way that enhances the fun. Most often, wedding planners are told to leave no stones unturned in arranging splendid decoration. Yellow is the colour of turmeric and so is the yellow décor preferred during the Haldi ceremony. Here are a few sample ideas for some easy-on-the-eyes décor ideas for the occasion of bridal Haldi:

A Decent Sofa Setting 

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A multi-coloured round floral decor all over the sofa designed with elegant cushions is our idea for this setup. The sofa set can also be replaced with a swing, creatively kept in front of a well-decorated wall. The area around the sofa is completely reserved as the bride’s personal space by her lovely bridesmaids. 

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A Special Swing 

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The setup that involves a swing is perfect if you have chosen your destination as either a hill station or a beachside. The weather at such places is so pleasant that anyone can lose himself in the ecstasy of celebrations. A yellow swing adorned with the glow of uncountable flowers will look no less than stunning!  

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No matter whichever idea of setting up the aura for bridal Haldi is chosen for the function, it will be full of grace. These exceptional decors for bridal Haldi will add life to the overall ambience of the grand occasion.