Exchange Your Vows At Golf Villas Sharm El Sheikh

Rixos Golf Villas Sharm El Sheikh - Wedding Affair

Exchange your seven vows on the pristine sand of the South Sinai Peninsula. The onset of your love journey should be every bit of a quintessential affair and the grandeur of this villa complements the same. Amidst the magnificence of cobalt blue waters and lush green beauty surrounded by gardens and golf fields, this abode is an epitome of tranquillity and splendour. Golf Villas Sharm El Sheikh provides colourful aesthetics and picturesque views to bind your love vows. Infused with luxury and modern designs, this spot is perfect to outright your destination wedding. Offering you an opulent environment, these villas are known for their exemplary hospitality and are located at the heart of the city.

Luxurious Stay At The Villas 

Rixos Golf VillasGolf Villas Sharm El Sheikh offers three opulent villas – Presidential Villa, Queen Villa and Royal Villa.

Royal Villa
Royal Villa
Queen Villa, Rixos Golf Villas
Queen Villa
Presedential Villa
Presedential Villa

The Presidential Villa is a two-floored villa with elevated luxury, outstanding style and comfort. The villa is furnished with four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a butler room to make your experience top-notch. The Queen Villa is equipped with luxurious amenities. It offers five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a butler room to make you feel the extravaganza of your wonderland. Enjoy the scenic views from the villas, while you take a dip in a tale of rejuvenation and relaxation in the comfort of these villas. Royal Villa is a regal abode comprising six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a butler room. It offers a private garden and relaxing swimming pool to unwind in style and comfort. The Royal Villa is a melange of contemporary designs, luxurious décor and basic amenities.

An Ideal Spot 

The turquoise blue sea, serene horizon, white sand and lush palm trees offer an amazing backdrop for your picture-perfect wedding. The lavish villas offer you the opportunity to numerous wedding ceremonies with luxe and exquisiteness. Its ultra-modern villas, impeccable hospitality, beautiful dining aesthetics and exclusive hub of activities and entertainment makes Golf Villas Sharm El Sheikh a top-notch destination to say “I do”. This abode can transform your trail of dreams into reality. The destination wedding cost is light to the pocket. 

Explore With Us!


Ballroom, Rixos Golf VillasAn extravagant function requires an extraordinary spot. You can have your fairy tale wedding at this royal ballroom infused with rich and fashionable designs.


Lawn, Rixos Golf VillasA beautiful Sangeet night can be held on the green-hued lawns. Groove to the beats with your loved ones to create memories for life.


PoolsideConduct your theme-based Mehendi ritual near the serenity of the pool and rejuvenating nature.


Saying ‘I do’ amidst the plush nature, sea backdrop and pristine sand is nothing less than a dreamy wedding.

Dine & Wine At The Club House 

Satiate your appetite with the delectable menu of The Club House. This restaurant has delicious local specialities and an assortment of treats such as homemade pastries and baked goods. Relish your experience by enjoying the buffet with grilled meats, fresh salads and fruits. Enjoy the aesthetical ambience, savouring the dishes prepared by talented chefs. The high-quality food is served with utmost warmth and love.

Other Facilities

Golf Course 

Golf Course, RixosIf your guests are more into sports then voila you have hit the jackpot! The hotel extends a specially designed for golf lovers to practice their golf swings amidst the scenic beauty and hustle and bustle of all the wedding preparations.

Rixy’s Kid Club 

Kids can get busy enjoying the fun session at Rixy Kids Club, while adults can have a dose of entertainment.


The resort’s concierge makes it easy to make dinner reservations, arrange transportation for shopping, touring, and finding important locations within and outside of the city.

Live Shows

Live ShowsWeddings are incomplete without the dance drama. Tune to the acoustic play of world-famous DJs at the concerts and shows conducted at this resort.


Spa At RixosThe spa sessions help you to freshen up and restore the mind. Turkish baths, steam rooms, a therapy saloon, full-body massages and facials relax your muscle and regulate blood circulation.

Recreational Activities

Activities At Rixos Golf VillasIndulge yourself in fun-filled activities like scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkelling, basketball, volleyball, golf, tennis, badminton or archery with your folks.

Fast Facts

Getting There: The hotel is conveniently located 5km from Sharm El Sheikh International Airport.

Nearby Attractions: Tourist hub Naama Bay, Sharm Club, Mall Darya and Jasmine Tours.

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