Exclusive Bridal Chooda Covers

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Choodas are one of the most important accessories to be worn by a bride. But have you ever wondered that why do brides wear choodas? It is because the Choodas are considered as auspicious Shringar of the bride and it is a symbol that marks good luck for the beginning of a new journey in life. Wearing choodas at one’s wedding is not only a necessary Shringar prescribed by the Indian customs and traditions but it is also the most preferred jewellery that enhances the bride’s appearance.


Traditionally, brides used to cover their choodas with a handkerchief as it is considered inauspicious for a bride to see choodas before the wedding. We highly recommend you not to buy choodas without having these stunning chooda covers. 

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The choodas covers undoubtedly complement the bride’s wedding attire by being available in a variety of colours that match with the bride’s overall attire. These chooda covers worn by gorgeous brides is the epitome of royalty and simplicity. A combination of customisation in designing chooda covers provides the bride with her desired dream look. 

The Wedding Brigade Blog

No matter what, choodas look flawlessly stunning and add an overall enhancement to the bridal Shringar. Brides-to-be, gear up for your wedding look like the Bollywood celebrity’s appearance by complementing your choodas with these lavish covers.