Exemplifying royalty with Anita Dongre’s ode to Bhuj

anita dongre

An Ode To Bhuj” 

Anita Dongre, one of the finest Indian designers has been impressing us with her mesmerizing collection of designer clothing for the past 25 years. She is the ultimate epitome of displaying the charms of Indian traditions. Im sure that many of the brides out there have had sleepless nights in awe of her bridal collection. Likewise, Dongre is here yet again with a prolific collection that aims to empower the local artisans. So, listed below are a few things that you need to look out for, in Anita Dongres latest collection.

Celebrating our local artisans

anita dongre

Well, all the ladies out there sure get too excited when it comes to choosing the right outfit for their traditional affairs. But do you ever think about the story behind the designer wear? If not then here we have Anita Dongres latest collection- An ode to Bhuj. This collection of hers tends to extend her heartfelt appreciation for the artisans of Bhuj and celebrate their intricate ways of carving out designs. Dongre aims at not just giving the ladies a perfect outfit to adorn but to mention the amount of appreciation all these artisans deserve.

Traditional hand block printing

The second thing that you need to know about Dongres latest collection is that her prints are that of Ajrakhand Bandhanihand block printing from the state of Gujarat. Her lehengas and her suits are all covered in gorgeous prints, and as beautiful as these prints are it is equally tough to execute them. Ajrakh is a hand block printing style brought into being by the rural artisans of India. This method is quite a long process with sixteen intricate steps of washing, dyeing (natural dyes), printing, and then drying. So, her collection sure is regal, but thats only because we have such talent in our country that represents the traditional charms of the wedding industry.

Newest jewellery designs


Anita Dongres newest collection is not just about her mesmerizing clothing line, but she also manages to inculcate the most regal collection of silver jewellery line along with the effort of the skilled artisans of Bhuj. The intricate gold and silver jewellery line of the designer is worth gushing over.

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