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VLCC is tantamount to a prodigious skincare range and services. The infamous brand is omnipresent when it comes to skin care products and therapies and has a firm national and international presence. The inception of the brand dates back to 1989, by Vandana Luthra. Vandana is an expert in the field of beauty and wellness thanks to her trainings in the same from Germany, UK, France, as well as an unparalleled prowess garnered through decades of experience. From rejuvenating skin care to  weight loss and fitness programs, VLCC has a bucket filled to offer. The brand has a wide range of skin care products relevant to the various needs of the skin.

A party glow face pack for you to have an everlasting glow on a special occasion, an anti ageing cream to keep your skin youthful and fresh, or an overnight cream for the ones who are always short on time for elaborate beauty treatments, VLCC brings forth an orbit- less range of beauty products. What sets the brand apart is it’s fitness and weight management services and therapies. The services are meant for you to bestow all your body related apprehensions on the  VLCC professionals and let them do it for you. The candle cupping therapy is a premium weight loss and body shaping therapy available at VLCC centres. The therapy is known to tone and shape the body and works on hard and soft cellulite.

The DNA wellness programme practices genetic tests to identify an individual’s tendency towards obesity or other lifestyle diseases and subsequently intervene the same. This is a bona fide way of not only curing but preventing issues related to fitness and weight. The bamboo magic therapy is an exclusive approach to relieving muscle tensions, and body toning. Apart from this, VLCC has built a niche for bridal and groom services. The brand provides affordable and meticulous pre- bridal, bridal and pre-groom services at its centres

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