Experiential Wedding Shopping from all over India


When you start shopping for traditional weaves and embellishments for your treasure trove, you realise that your reverie has finally began to unfold! As if the universe is engrossed in cosseting your dreams by alluring you to bask in rich Indian splendour.

In India, a country of 29 states, all wrapped up in a unique song of attire, food, clothing and accessories, we explored all shopping hubs to help you assemble the very best for your trousseau trove.

Get Spoilt for Choice with variety of Bridal Lehangas

Delhi is the Mecca for the people who seek designer couture. The first in my list is Emporio Mall, Vasant Kunj. that incorporates big labels like Abu Jani, Suneet Verma, Sabyasachi, Kimaya, Gaurav Gupta and drenches you in a luxe affair. Switching to another sort, I strolled though choc-a-blocked lanes of Chandni Chowk, known for selling replicas of most forte designers in fashion industry. For a refined shopping experience head to Frontier Raas in South-ex Delhi. All the lehengas here have elaborate work matching or even outdoing the designer couture you saw at the showrooms. So don’t brood over, just gear up to explore Delhi’s incredible yet serene fashion lanes.



Adorn in startling Kalire & Chudha:

Brides from all over the world order chudha and kalires from these vibrant lanes of Chudhe Wala Bazaar (Bangle Market). Chudha and kalire are most famous in Punjabi weddings however nowadays due to it’s effervesce brides from every religion love to pomp in hearty colours. As the name suggests, it has some of best collection of red and white bangles in different colors and designs and kaliras in different concoctions that only this market offers. My friend form Boston made her semblance impressive by specially ordering these kaliras from Amritsar.


Victoria Memorial

Flaunt your curves with Bengali Saris:

Bengali saris, cast another level of uniqueness to a trousseau as it is inspired by cultural heritage. After pondering over cotton saris, I turned my eye towards the silk saris of Bengal—yes, for those who are unaware, Bengal,  makes best silk saris in India. New Market, Kolkata, is also home to a plethora of sari shops, such as Dayaram & Co. (estd. 1908),Bombay Silk House, Adi Dhakeshwari Bastralaya and Ghanashyam. Starting from Korial lal paar sari, the quintessential white sari with a red border Taant Sari, made with crisp cotton, Baluchari sari and Garad Silk. Further floral designs run amok the body of the sari, while the pallu is resplendent with scenes from mythological texts and buttis! Very famous and popular, the Dhakai Jamdani Sari is a must-have for high profiled events, parties, weddings and more. Go; grab and seal your love for traditional saris!



Cosset your dreams with bangles:

Also called as Laad Bazaar Chudi Bazaar is one of the famous and ancient bazaar in Hyderabad where women can shop astounding bangles of diverse shades and hues. Chudi Bazaar is prominently famous for only and only bangles made of every possible material and pearls. There I was lured to see the different assortment of bangles available in bazaar is made up of glass, brass, lac (hard lacquer sealing wax), metal, threads and silver. It is mostly famous for Lac bangles studded with glass mirrors and colourful stones.



In “Gold’s” own country:

Heritage is rare, so when  every Keralite (with reference to the locals) from the Middle East used to bring with him gold jewelry on his/her return to Kerala for the girl so that she takes magnificent pieces from heritage in her trousseau trove.. Love for gold is always a priority for bride’s family; they want to gift her memory that never dwindles with time. And for this they will embark on their journey from far off places to visit the famous jewelers and Kerala is fairly famous for it. Thrissur is the main jewelry manufacturing town that employs thousands of local craftsmen and goldsmiths. This touch of culture vintage is a perfect token of love so explore variety in God’s own world of Gold in Kerala! I picked some royal pieces and with pride now I have a gamut of gold from Kerala and I’m enthralled to see how it is bringing a majestic edge to my traditional ensembles!



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