Explore Exotic Serendipity With Mayfair Hotels & Resorts


Amid work and everyday life, people many times forgets to actually pamper themselves to the extent that they actually deserve. So a getaway always sounds like a fun idea, but again, sometimes traveling to far off scenic places almost feels like a plan to ruin the fun with all the tiredness and exhaustion. We often forget that India is home to some  undiscovered exotic gems and Mayfair Hotel & chain of resorts has turned those ecstatic wonderlands into empyrean sojourns that bring to you a never before experience of calm and luxurious serendipity without having you to worry about anything.

Mayfair Hotels & Resorts are synonymous with excellence in hospitality and being able to offer unforgettable holidays and stay experiences to guests in the most exquisite of settings. Luxurious convenience is what they do best. They offer charming heritage resorts in the Himalayas, boutique seaside hotels right by the Indian Ocean and stunning city hotels across locations in Goa, Gangtok in Sikkim, Darjeeling in West Bengal, Kalimpong in West Bengal, Bhubaneswar, Puri, Rourkela and Gopalpur-on-sea in Odisha. They even make sure that their eco-friendly and sustainable approach is never compromised and is followed in all their properties with organic farming, rainwater harvesting, and recycling and reusing of products. 

The Mayfair chain of hotels and resorts is unique in its existence as it has strived to encompass the diversity and natural beauty of India to the maximum extent. With 5-star deluxe properties in Bhubaneswar (Mayfair Lagoon) and Gangtok (Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino),  the group prides itself on having set up the first 5-star deluxe hotel in North East India and the first on-shore-live Casino in the Country. Now you know where to crash when you want to experience the ultimate blend of exoticism and comfort!

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