Eyeliner Hacks for the Perfect Wing!


If your liner isn’t perfect, your liner has to be. You definitely cannot afford an eyeliner look gone wrong, and with the emerging trends, you have to keep up. But what if, no matter how much you try, the perfect wing does not land right on your hoods? Do not worry, you have Wedding Affair to the rescue! Today we will help you with some amazing and easy hacks that will change your eyeliner game forever. So, grab your tools and get going –

  1. Banana Liner
Banana stem is can be of great use to create a liner look.

If you are looking for a smoky and smudgy look, this hack is for you. For this, you will require a banana with a stem. Slightly roast the tip of the stem, warm enough to dissolve the particles of the stem, but cool enough to not burn your skin. Now, use the burnt stem as a liner tip, and draw some lines on your eyelid. Use a light hand to do so, or you might burn yourself. Finally, finish off the look the way you want, and Voila! A smoky eye look is ready to serve.

  1. Dental Floss
Dental floss as a stencil for the eyeliner.

Time to make a treasure hunt out of your place and find some great equipment to make your life easier. Grab your dental floss stick and put some eyeliner on its string. Use the string to create a sharp border of your liner on your lid, and connect the lines using your liner. Now fill up the given space and extend the liner if you want. The floss will help you get a defined shape for the liner if you are unable to create an edgy look.

  1. Tape it Up
Tapes can create a great tool for the liner.

Probably the go-to hack for all the ink lovers. What you need to do is to cut off some tape and place it in symmetry with your lower waterline. Take another cut tape and place it on your lid while connecting one end to the first tape, creating a triangle. Fill the space with your favorite liner and remove the tape. Clean off any excess towards the end and you are done.

  1. Conceal it
Run a concealer under your eyes for a clean wing.

Okay, this is a cheat code to create the pointiest wing! Apply the liner in whichever way you wish to and let it dry. Now, take a full coverage concealer and carefully apply it on the misses that you made with your liner, or to define the crease better. The only thing you need to take care of this that the concealer does not sit on top of your liner, or else you will have to put some more. This hack is mostly used to clean up eyeshadow spills, but it works for liners too.

  1. The Bermuda Triangle
A triangle on the edge of your eye.

This could be a little tricky so inhale some patience beforehand. Create an extended line for your waterline, and then draw a line perpendicular to the point where your eyes end. Connect the corners of this line so it forms a tiny triangle at the edge of your eyes. Fill in the shape and extend the liner towards your eyes, over the lids. Finish the look with the perfect wing.

  1. Eyeshadow Liner
Using eyeshadow as a liner is a viral hack.

One of the most creative hacks of all time is the eyeshadow trick. It helps you convert any eyeshadow of any shade into the most beautiful liquid liner of your line. Take a thin liner brush and soak it up in your micellar water. Now dab the brush onto your favorite eyeshadow thoroughly and use the shade as a liner over your eyes. How great is that! Nowadays, neon and color pop liners are trending so much, that you absolutely need this hack to try it out.

  1. Connect the Dots
Draw dots on the top of your lids.

Remember that game we used to play in childhood where we connect the dots engraved on a page to create different shapes and figures? Well, that is exactly the skill we will put to use today. For the people who are unable to create an effortless swirl on their eyes without shaking their hands, you must definitely give this a try. Draw a dot on the edge of your eyes, and one on the inner corner of the eye. Place one more dot right in the middle of your lid, above the center of your eyeball. Now slowly draw a line across your lid, connecting these three dots to create a smooth look. Extend the liner if you wish and your look is complete.

  1. Bobby Pin to the Rescue
Bobby pin eyeliner.

Who says hair accessories are best suitable for your hair? Fetch a bobby pin out of your vanity and apply some liner to the outward corners of the pin. Gently place the end on the edge of your eyes to create a mark of the liner. Now, use your liner to connect the incomplete triangle and fill in the empty space. This way you can create the exact same liner look on the other eye and the wing is ready to slay.