Fall Colour Palette


Finally after a really long and hot summer, it’s time for fall to come knocking on our doors and for us to welcome it with open arms. The world is going to be drowned in a sepia shade and everything will feel more cozy and warm with the increasing chill in air.

But fall fashion is something which excites everyone. New fashion and trends come to light and we get a much needed change in our lives.

Below are some of the colours which you can wear this fall to stay on the latest trends.

    • Oranges for the win!

      Orange is the perfect colour for fall

Warm colour like orange is perfect for autumn. It suits the vibe of the season and makes you feel good about yourself. Orange is a positive colour which can be paired with any outfit and will instantly make you look bright and stunning. You can try wearing this colour in shoes or pants to look a bit extra and to add a pop of colour to your outfit.

    • Teals are the real deal!

      The trendy teal

Sophisticated yet playful, teal is a perfect colour this fall. Wear a teal dress or a clazer and you’ll look stunning and eye catching. This colour is soothing to the eye and is liked by everyone.

    • Pastels are not just for Spring!

      Pastels are evergreen

This autumn, try to match some pastel colours with your dark and moody wardrobe and you’ll be quite surprised with the versatility and subtlety of these shades. Pastels are perfect for a day out or for a picnic in park.

    • Pink is the player!

      Add a pop of colour with pink

Shades of pink are never out of the style. It gives your outfit a certain pizzazz and will also make you look very feminine and passionate. Pink is the colour which can suit every skin tone and will look good as a shirt, pant, blazer, dress or anything else. With ‘barbiecore’ aesthetic on the rise, pink has become more popular and trendy.

    • Skies are blue and so is your outfit

      Make your outfit blue not your mood!

Autumn is known for its clear skies and chilly winds. So, it’s time for you to rock your favourite cerulean denims or a sky blue bag to match the endless sky and to feel the joy and spirit in the wind.

    • You can never go wrong with Brown

      Channel your inner dark academia lover with brown

Time to channel the Dark Academia aesthetic in your life and rock the colour brown in all senses. Brown is one of the most versatile and underrated colour which generally get forgotten by people. But brown is perfect for fall and winter as it adds a certain moodiness and suaveness to your look.

    • A classic White

      You can never go wrong with white

White is such a versatile and strong colour that it can go with any type of mood and outfit. It is sophisticated and classy and makes you look trendy without much effort. On days you don’t know what to wear, White is your answer and it will never disappoint you.

Thus, season of pumpkin spiced lattes and crunchy leaves can sometimes make the world look gloomy but, just because the weather is gloomy does not mean that your outfit will be. Add these colours to your wardrobe this fall and you’ll never go out of style and fashion. In fact, in future you will thank us!

Image Source: Pinterest

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