Fall Fashion Trends 2022


Autumn is just around the corner and with changing seasons, fashion trends also change. It’ll be a pleasant weather for some time which will give us some reprieve after the hot summers and the monsoon.

Fall is the time of changing fashion trends and experimenting with colours. People experiment with colours and fabrics and make their whole look. The changing weather is bound to inspire some change in your style and looks.

So, here are some of the fall fashion trends of 2022 which will inspire you to elevate your look and be the best version of yourself.

    • Faux Leather

Leather jackets or leather pants suit everyone. From leather dresses to leather corsets, you can experiment with various leather outfits this fall. Faux Leather outfits are chic, sophisticated and look extremely flattering. It is a statement piece which can elevate your outfit and will make you stand out this fall.

Leather pants are perfect for fall
    • Oversized Shirts

You can never go wrong with oversized button-up shirts. These baggy and casual shirts are best for a day out and make you look playful and comfortable. Make sure to wear a fitted pair of pants and style it with some minimal jewellery and you’ll look great!

Hailey Bieber is often seen wearing oversized shirts
    • Pleated Skirts

Skirts are always in vogue. Pleated skirts are very sophisticated and make you look very classy. These come in various fabrics and styles and are quite versatile to style. You can pair them with boots and an oversized jumper to look autumn ready.

Pleated Skirts look very graceful
    • Blazers

Blazers are the quintessential fall attire. They go with everything and can make a boring outfit interesting as well. Blazers are quite easy to style and can also be worn with various attires and outfits. You can also accessorize it with a belt to elevate your look. These will also save you from cold autumn air.

Style your blazer with a belt
    • Add some shimmer!

Sequins and shimmers are quite in this fall. These blingy outfits will make you shine (Literally!) the brightest and your look will not only awe everyone but will also make you look bold and playful. Adding a sequined or shimmery garment to your look will make your whole outfit a statement piece.

A sequin dress is perfect for a night out
    • Knitwear

Knit wears are everyone’s favourite. From crochet tops to beautifully knitted cardigans, kits are quite easy to wear and are very cozy. You can pair your favourite jumper or sweater with a pair of leather pants or a maxi skirt and look like the queen you were born to be. These are very comfortable and oh! so cozy which makes them perfect for chilly autumn wind and a fall favourite.

Cozy Cardigans

Thus, this year, fall fashion is all about comfort with style. Colours like orange and browns will be perfect for the season and the above list will make sure that you stay above the trends all while enjoying the season of comfort and pumpkin spiced latte!

Image Source: Pinterest

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