Fashion for the rainy days


The people coming from a place where it typically rains once in a blue moon are thoroughly unprepared. But fret not, you can easily and stylish-ly pre-plan for rainy days in the future. All this while still looking cute (naturally). Have a look at the rainy-day style of street-style stars while out and about when the forecast was less-than-stellar during fashion month. Wedding Affair presents a crop of fresh outfit ideas for the inevitable string of rainy days to come.

Boots are your friends

Well, you can go for your regular expensive boots if you are all about seizing the day. But we suggest rain boots, which pleasantly are in fashion these days too. The rain boot is a good fit when you have ample space at the tip to be able to comfortably move your toes. The heel should lift up without any problem, but if it slams when you walk, the boot is quite possible too large. It is important to consider checking if you have enough space to put on your boots with an additional pair of socks without being too tight. This will be especially useful on cold and rainy days where an added layer of insulation is necessary.

Hats to the rescue

A convenient, compact, and chic addition to any water-wicking ensemble, this hands-free accessory will keep you dry without compromising your ability to urgently order an Uber and enjoy your oat milk matcha latte sans spillage. Unlike its bulky umbrella counterpart, the best rain hats can be folded up and popped right into your handbag, so there’s no need to check it at the door—and even if you did, there are far too many unique iterations for a stranger to mistake it for their own

Coats will save you

Whether you love it or hate it, the winter rainy season has arrived. And though there’s no stopping the rain from pouring, nothing can keep you, ladies, from taking the chic and stylish road. It’s high time to stock up on fashionable windbreakers, parkas, and hoodies! A waterproof raincoat and shoes are the perfect foundation garments to build an outfit to keep you as dry as possible. When it comes to choosing the most suitable rain outfit, try to avoid leggings and trousers made from cotton.

Pick a cute Umbrella

Yes! Pick a cute umbrella and keep your umbrella etiquettes in mind! We all come in different shapes and sizes and need to keep that in mind when on the crowded rainy streets. If you are taller, raise your umbrella high when passing a shorter person. If you are on the shorter side, keep your umbrella close to your head when passing a taller person.

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