Fight the infections with immune-boosting asanas


Hey, guys hope you’re all keeping well under such trying circumstances. And even if you’re doubtful about whether or not is your immune ready to fight diseases then not worry, all you need to do is follow a regular routine of yoga. We have a few asanas to build your immune, get ready to stay fit, and fight any infection coming your way through these asanas. 


Speaking of a few yoga poses for you to build up your immune a little better than the first asana to be followed under this category should be Shishuasana. This is like a child pose, all you need to do is to sit on your heels with your hips on your heels, bend forward and lower your forehead on the floor. Make sure to keep your hands alongside your body with palms facing upwards, and thighs shall gently be pressing your chest. This asana is brilliant for your immune-building routine, it helps you decongest your chest and it will also give you a calm and relaxed mind. 


Such trying times call for certain long-term measures to be taken in order to rule out the effects of any ongoing infections. Bhujangasana is the second most important asana to be taken into account for immunity. All you need to do is, to begin with lying down on your stomach with both feet together, forehead resting on tyne ground. Your hands shall be placed on your shoulder level keeping your elbows parallel, and the next step is to take a deep breath and raise your face, chest abdomen while keeping the rest of your body in the same position. Make sure to breathe slowly and comfortably and maintain a balance on your hands. This is asana will help your back issues and deal with breathlessness. 


Well, this is one of the most commonly taught asanas especially in terms of immune building. Vrikshasana is more like a tree pose and to requires you to stand straight with both the hands-on side and then slowly lift your right leg and place it on the inner thigh of your left leg. And raise your hands over your joining both hands in the namaste pose. Try to keep your balance and hold your breath until you exhale and come back to the same position. This will help you boost your immune and stay fit. 

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