First Night Wedding Gifts to Excite Her!


Gone through all the happy and rough patches and finally secured the knot with the woman of your dreams? Well, it’s time to cherish each and every moment with her from now and onwards. Weddings are really warm, and so is the journey that begins right after the nuptials. So, what are you gifting your wife to express love and gratitude for being together all this time? Let us help you with some interesting suggestions –

  1. An impending pet
What a cute way to begin your marriage.

Now that you two are sharing lives, it is time for you two to share a common love interest too – pets! Adding a living touch to your gift is surely going to surprise your newly welcomed wife. Gift her a pet that she might have wanted for a very long time, or was saved in her Instagram feeds for a long. Any pet that you could also love and take care of would make your wife happy. Pro tip – rather than purchasing a pet, choose to adopt one. This little added sentiment in your breathing gift would elevate her happiness. Also, gifting a pet to your wife shows that you are ready to take and share responsibility with her.

  1. Tickets to a favorite destination
Tickets to her favorite destination is gonna be huge.

A series of ceremonies calls for a long and relaxing honeymoon trip. It would be best if you choose a destination that your wife loves or wants to travel to. After all, she traveled all the way from her home to yours! Escaping to a gorgeous location of her choice would be so delightful, and knowing her for quite some time you must be aware of her interests. Simply book the tickets and gift them to her in a fancy box, and wait for her reaction.

  1. Book of love
Compile your memories together in a scrapbook.

Ladies simply love and adore a man who does not shy away from expressing his love. And what could top a scrapbook that shows a small journey from being strangers to partners for life? If you are unable to draft the entire story, pick excerpts from your lives together, or memorable moments that mean so much to you both. Place photographs, favorite song lyrics, quotes from a TV show, or the messages from your heart. This is definitely going to be the most precious gift for her.

  1. Body care
Show some love with body care products.

Women absolutely fall for body care products. And with the extensive range available these days, she is going to cherish a body care package for her, by you, forever. There are a lot of things that you could choose from. Shower gels, bath bombs, body butters, exfoliators, treatment solutions, etc. Compile all of these in a pretty package and gift it to the love of your life. She is really going to admire your efforts toward her well-being.

  1. Jeweled BFF
Jewelry is indeed a woman’s BFF.

Somebody once said that a diamond is a girl’s best friend. Indeed, it is. But if not diamond, jewelry of any kind is certainly the road to her heart. Pick her favorite bijoux article from the store and place it in her palms. This could be a ring, earrings, a pendant, or even anklets. Whatever pleases the Mrs, goes down on the list.

  1. Pair of shoes
Boost her confidence with a pair of heels.

Ah, shoes. There is hardly any woman on Earth, who would refuse a fancy pair of heels. Even on Venus, we feel. For this one, you could take your lady on a shopping spree and let her choose her best pair. Do not settle for the basic ones, we repeat, do not. As you must have noticed, the highest pair of heels will give her the highest boost of confidence and that is exactly what we want. Let her pick the most gorgeous heels and you’ll thank us later, because of course, the favor is going to come back to you!

  1. Luxury lingerie
A seductive pair of lingerie.

Every man’s dream – seeing his lady in sexy lingerie. Don’t be shy and buy your woman the lingerie of your fantasy world. Do not worry, she is not going to get angry. Rather she will be a little shy or amused about the fact that you gifted her something that you would love to see on her. So, it’s a win-win. This could be a little tricky though as you need to pick lingerie that is seductive and not vulgar, that fits her well, and pleases the both of you. One safety tip is to choose it in her favorite color.