Fitness Expert, Mickey Mehta shares the Ultimate “Be Fit” List


The renowned Celebrity Fitness expert Mickey Mehta provides a detailed list of ‘requisites’ to maintain good health and lose weight as desired.

Fitness Expert, Mickey Mehta

Checklist before you start your training and nutrition plan for fat loss:

1. Blood Test : 2-Hour Insulin Glucose Challenge Test (for insulin resistance, main

cause of obesity and stomach fat)

2. Thyroid test : look for hypothyroidism.

3. Lipid profile: high LDL values and low HDL values is bad.

4. Estrogen levels: excess levels leads to fat gain.

5. Pcos and pcod syndrome in females.

6. Growth hormone deficiency.

7. Low levels of testosterone.

Suggested Physical Training –

1. High intensity (HIIT) training with intensive and extensive intervals is the perfect recipe for fat loss.

2. Strength and Conditioning workouts.

3. Use of multi-joint exercises like squats,dead-lifts and burpees.

Training morning and evening will give your body two chemical reactions which will take your fat loss to another level. Don’t skip on working on the flexibility part because your body starts holding tension which will hamper your deep sleep (really important for fat loss), says the expert.

Corrective eating and supplementation

1. Use cinnamon powder and apple cider vinegar for treating insulin resistance and rapid weight loss.

2. Have Lots of fibre for gut health.

3. You can also use triphala powder for your gut’s health.

3. High protein, good fats and low GI carbs are the perfect recipe for fat loss.

4. Fish oil up to 2 grams a day

Lifestyle changes

1. Deep sleep is a must for fat loss (at least 7 hours)

2. Physical activities like playing any sport, window shopping, walking ,light jog will help to achieve fat loss faster.

The most effective exercises or workout to tone up the thighs –

Exercises which help in toning up and produce maximum fat loss at the same time are the best way for the visual impact or visible results . So choose compound movements like:




The most effective exercises or workout to tone the arms –

Bingo wings also known as excess fat around the back of your upper arms, is very common in women. It indicates too much estrogen and a lack of testosterone. Testosterone, is just as important for women as it is for men, because it helps maintain muscle, bone strength and brain function. Lack of zinc, or when your body isn’t processing estrogen or toxic which are found in plastics, pesticides, detergents, preservatives, carpets, and even in the atmosphere also leads to fat storage.

How to fix it?

Add zinc rich foods such as oysters, sesame seed to your diet. “Zinc helps your body produce more testosterone. Healthy fats found in foods such as salmon, flaxseeds, nuts, coconut, and avocados are also required for testosterone production, and will help you to build lean muscle tissue”

Compound Exercises for triceps

1. Close bench press

2. Bench dips

Isolations for triceps

1. Triceps extension (rope hold the rope away from ends to engage your forearms)

2. Over head triceps extension

Compound Exercises for Biceps

1. Pull ups (palm facing you)

2. Lat pull (machine) (palm facing you)

Isolations for Biceps

1. Ezbar curls

2. Db curls

The most effective exercises or workout to lose fat from the upper back –

High intensity exercises will help you to loose fat from everywhere including back. In case you start losing fat from all areas of concentration but not back fat then please check for hypothyroidism.


2.Turkish get up

3.Mountain climbers

4.Interval training

For toning up

1. Lat pull down

2. Seated row

3. Db rowing

4. Pull horizontal variation