Five Questions Every Bride Has About Her Wedding Night


All weddings in India are generally an extravagant affair that spans across several days and eventually leads up to the hyped wedding night. Each and every bride goes through a lot and once the wedding night approaches, several questions pop up in her mind. However, a wedding inadvertently becomes a source of both torture and delight for the bride. She is constantly wondering whether everything is going according to plan, and whether she should be doing something more. In her wedding night, she is both nervous and excited, and her mind is in a tizzy. She has a few sex-related thoughts on her mind about the big night, and here we have outlined a few.

1. Does it have to be perfect?

You don’t have to be a pro and show off all your moves in one day! It’s the hype around the wedding night that usually makes brides totally freak out. In reality, there is no guidebook to sex and though there is something which can be called ‘perfect sex’, it is not always attainable!. It’s just a lovely feeling to share with your special someone. A feeling that you both can enjoy. So, let go of all preconceived notions and just enjoy!

2. Is it okay if this is my first time?

If this is your first time, you would be even more apprehensive and nervous. You would be hoping that he doesn’t notice, and that even if he does, he wouldn’t mind. The key is to relax and have a good time. Talk to your husband about what’s bothering you or just trust him and go with the flow. Sex comes naturally when it’s with a person you love. 

3. Is it okay if I’m too tired?

The wedding is usually a hectic round of parties, ceremonies and a whole lot more. This means that one is bound to get tired after it is over. So, it is okay to just want to sleep after it all gets over and not indulge in sexual intercourse. This might sound counter intuitive as the wedding night has always been hyped up in our imaginations, but it is perfectly fine to just rest the night away.

4. Is my partner happy with me?

You would have had a hectic day, and the last thing to worry about is if your partner is happy with you. Put in a little extra effort to make sure you look and smell good. If there is anything you need to be sure about before jumping into the act, is to smell good. If time permits, take a quick shower before you slip into your bridal nightwear and spritz on some perfume.

5. Do I need new lingerie?

You would want to look exotic on your wedding night, isn’t it?? Lingerie is the best way to ensure that you do. However, you don’t always need the newest or latest lingerie to look hot. You can look good in old lingerie if it is classy and highlights your assets! So, go for what makes you comfortable and leave the rest to the imagination!

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