Five Unreasonable Reasons to get Married


Unreasonable reasons to get married_Wedding Affair

Getting married in early age or before your biological clock ticks are now cliché. There are way more important tasks in life that one must go through before heading forward to tie the knot.

Of course being married is dreamy and special but only if you marry the right person for the right reasons. After all, there’s at least one unhappy married couple in regret we’re are acknowledged about.

It’s true, there are a lot of good, romantic reasons to get married, but to flip the coin are some worst reasons too, that one should not fall for.

When boredom meets isolation

You’ve been single for a while and you think you should get married instead of getting into a relationship. Some people might keep the relationship option away, but it’s better to be single and searching than settling and miserable. It gives you a chance to understand different sorts of people and then you can finally choose the one who fits according to your preferences. It’s true that when isolation hits, marriage may seem to be ‘the last option’ but you will meet other people in life to love and celebrate so why settle for a permanent option in temporary emotions.

Fairytale Wedding Dreamer

You might be one of those people who’ve always thought of having a fairytale wedding and thanks to the internet to bombard dream wedding concepts everywhere, but don’t let this option be your influencer to get married. Your dream wedding can also set grounds once everything else is falling in place. Just to have a dream wedding you cannot tie yourself into something you’re not fully prepared of. So keep dreaming until you are prepared—emotionally, mentally and physically.

Family/Peer Pressure

You’ve reached your magical number, 25 or 35 and now your family won’t stop running after your life, giving you reasons to settle down. Don’t make a major blunder of your life just to please people around you. Try making them understand your priorities and expectations. Sometimes parents can be quite a torture when it comes to getting married and settling down. I’m sure many of you have heard them cry that how they want you to get married before they die or they want grand children and so you should marry, settle and have kids. Don’t let your parents’ guilt trip force you to take a decision you aren’t ready for.

Lusts pushing you down the aisle

The horses of your estrogen or testosterone are running and your ethics stop you from indulging in sexual endeavors untill in the wedlock. So you might end up marrying because, well! Now you can have guilt free sex. It’s a mistake, of course sex is important and the most preferred way to express your love but even other emotions are equally important. So get married when you think you’re in love and not in lust.

You came across a Richie Rich

Sure, money can be a very important deal but not a bigger deal than love, understanding, support, passion and bonding with your partner. And most of all, not everyone is as rich as they seem. You’re going to get into the roots of their wealth just only after you’re married and that’ll be too late to regret if things weren’t as real as they seemed. Rather than focusing on the partners’ bank balance, focus on the very minute details of their behaviors and gestures—how they talk to people, how they address people below them, what are the situations they get mad at and all of that, that will help you know them as a person.

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