Fix the frizz!! Four magical hair tips for the monsoon


So, the monsoon season is knocking on your doors, aren’t you excited? Well, of course, you are, silly question!! But I doubt that the ladies out there aren’t totally excited, because along with monsoon comes the scare of frizzy hair. But not to worry, as we have four magical tips for you to follow in order to avoid your hair from getting all frizzy and dry.

Hair masks to your savior 

Well, of course, this had to be the first tip, right? The monsoon sure does bring the joy and happiness of rains, but at the same time, it gives you a hard time marinating your hair health. The first and foremost tip that you need to follow is to apply a good and nourishing hair mask twice a week. You can always opt for some magical home remedies, for instance, you can apply an egg white curd hair mask. Mix the egg whites and curd and apply it on your hair, keep it for a while and then rinse it off well. This mask will help condition your hair well and give you a frizz-free look this monsoon. 

Try not to wash too often 

There are women who tend to wash their hair every day because they assume that this keeps their hair healthy. But we’re sorry to pop that bubble of yours because washing your hair too often especially during the rainy season will add more frizziness to your hair and you might damage your strands. So, hold back on your habit of ‘daily washing’ and make it twice a week instead.

Avoid heat appliances 

Yea, we know that this is a hard one for all you ladies to follow, but trust me you don’t need any heat appliances to make your hair look great and yourself look beautiful. If you take proper care of your strands then you’ll probably never need styling, because you can just be yourself and look natural and do that hair flip with all the sass you need. Often usage of Heat appliances will dry up your hair strands during the monsoon season resulting in a frizzy and haywire look. 

Oiling as a remedy 

Just like hair masks, oiling your hair at recommended intervals will also help you fix that frizz. Coconut oil with lemon or olive with lemon will help you keep your hair frizz free, nourished and smooth. The lemon element on the other hand will help you reduce any spots of dandruff on your scalp. But make sure not to go overboard with oiling your hair, as that might show some contrasting results. 

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