Flashmob for your Sangeet Ceremony

P.C: Shaadisaga
P.C: Shaadisaga

Which is the most fun, interactive, crazy hyped part of any Indian wedding? The Sangeet Ceremony! Thanks to Dear Bollywood this once a simple, homely affair with a group of chachis and mamis and all the female cousins and friends with a dholak has now become a miniature representation of the entire wedding itself. The Sangeet is the only wedding ceremony that is not burdened by any of the wedding rituals. So, it is all about the wedding participants coming together to have a little, and obviously over the top, fun before the couple gets hitched.

P.C: insideweddings.com
P.C: insideweddings.com

The Sangeet can work in two ways; either the couple takes charge and formulates a lineup of performances by them and the relatives on some of the most in-trend, and special songs. OR The cousins and friends can conspire to let the couple lay back and be surprised!
Either way, the Sangeet ought to be something that all the attendees and especially the couple cherish for the rest of their lives.

We here at WA, make it a point to bring to you all things new and unique. The Flashmob Sangeet is what your wedding needs to make it unlike any other.  It has been there in the West for some time now but is still to gain momentum in the Indian Wedding circuit.

Flashmob Perks

Strand of Silk
P.C: Strand of Silk

The Flashmob is at its best when the bride and the groom are completely unaware about it.
Here is a complete guide for you to make the Sangeet of your to be wedded family member or friend an affair to be remembered.

Plan a well timed and coordinated sequence. Starting with a small group of people, the best dancers of the lot, and include a section of easy steps towards the end (you don’t want anybody to shy away from joining in).

On the day of Sangeet between all the festivities, a song starts playing out of nowhere and one person starts dancing randomly in centre and then slowly others join in, until the entire party is grooving.

How to Organize Your Own Flashmob

P.C: Strand of Silk
  • Hire a professional choreography that matches the couple’s style.
  • Make a list of people who’ll participate. Divide them in two groups: The ones who can dance and the ones who can do the basics. The more the merrier. Try to have at least 30 people in the first group and more in the second one.
  • Pick a party type, upbeat song. Think- London Thumak da. . . .,Aunty ji. . . ., Ladki Beautiful. . . .Kaala Chasma
  • Ensure that the best dancers, i.e., the first group are the ones to start and have easier steps as the song progresses, for the rest to join. Keep it simple and fail proof a leg shake, random thumkas, and the garba circle, something along these lines.
  • Assign different entry points. Have around 4 to 6 people entering at the same time, from different directions.
  • The entire mob should be together and dancing by the end of the second minute of the song.
  • Don’t forget to include the couple. Have them dance in the centre. But only seconds before the song ends. Let them watch and enjoy the rest.
  • Practice and Practice!
  • Remember, there is a fine line between a mob and a mess. For your flashmob to succeed all your participants should be clear about their entry cues.
  • Everyone should act calm and natural before the music begins. Anticipation is a giveaway.
  • If you have other performances or events planned for the day, keep this for the end when nobody is expecting it, better even, after the cocktails. A little booze in the system gets everyone going!
  • For it to be really impactful have the entire performance on the ground in the middle of the sitting arrangement and not on the stage. Have people dancing on the tables, around the seats of the bride and groom.
Bonus Tip

Throw a few seconds of “freeze” in between. It only builds up the excitement, and element of surprise. Also, gives time to your dancers to breath.

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