Indian weddings have a well-established mythology of using floweret to adorn the venue. Inspired by the big Bollywood trend of wearing fresh flower jewelry on your mehendi? Floral bracelet, rings, earrings, necklaces and floral hairstyles make the bride-to-be look fresh, energetic and unique. Well, if you too are outlining to wear it, then here are some important things.


Different convenient choices

Floral jewelry comes in ample of varieties.  The set includes a pair of earrings, necklace, maang tikka, bracelet, and anklets. But there are additionals such as a bajuband(baseband), haathphool or a kamarband, you can always demand from your provider. Adding to the creativity, you can even carry a floral dupatta!


Variety of flowers

It generally depends on your choice and the color of your attire. However, it is quite accessible to make jewelry out of small flowers rather than the substantial ones. Roses, orchids, tuberose (rajanigandha) and jasmine flowers are some of the most in favor.


Life of the flowerets

If you are bothered that the flowers used to make your jewelry will not last for the integrated period of the wedding ceremony, then put your jitters to rest. Floral jewelry will last throughout the day without dropping, even in the summer season. In fact, if you keep it under refrigeration, it will outlive for about three days.


Time-process for preparing it?

It consistently takes one whole day to make a set of basic floral jewelry. It is best to place your order at least one month prior, especially if you are going for some colorful and fascinating flowers. It gives your jewelry designer ample of time to concoct and have the jewelry equipped in time. Most designers would assert on meeting the bride to discuss or see the color of her outfit so that they can find out the flowers that will match it. The jewelry is made free size so that you are not required to come for measurement probation.

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  • There are three types of floral accessories:

Fresh flower jewelry: it needs to be well-worn the same day.

Dry flower jewelry: it can be conserved over time.

Jewelry made out of gota: it can also be conserved over time.

  • Floret jewelry should be worn as a pop of contrast to your attire rather than blending in with your colors.
  • You should also keep in mind the type of neckline you are wearing when ordering jewelry. For high necks, choose more soft and subtle flowers and longer strings.
  • You can synthesize floral jewelry with other ornaments like beads, pearls, and little tukdis of Kundan.

So, sit back, take a break on metallic jewelry and prefer the floral jewelry. You will be trendsetter bride of the summers.


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