Fly away to your Land of Dreams… For Love, With Love!


Do you often wish you could walk into a landscape painting or a picture because of its ethereal beauty? Explore these picturesque small towns from Europe and wrap in the radiance of hypnotic natural splendour.

Losing yourself in the aura of a new city is always an extraordinary experience. But a honeymoon is a lot more ‘special’ than the usual list of specials in our life. Embarking on a ‘first’ of many moments, a honeymoon trip ignites the sacred fire of togetherness. A perfect definition of a honeymoon experience or the celebration of a new life varies for all of us. While some take this opportunity to spoil themselves with luxurious choices and pamper each other in the experiential luxury hotels of the world; the others live the true meaning of ‘escaping’ by travelling to a different world. Looking forward to a new beginning and a beautiful saga of your love story.

Here’s all the details you need to know about the most enchanting towns far away from home. To suffice the needs of each of our readers, I chose cities that transport you to your very land of dreams and keeps you wrapped in the touch of uber luxury at the same time. Find a little world of your desires, and bask in the beauty of nature.

Bled, Slovenia

Bled Town

Floating in front of my eyes is a picture, a picture that is quite similar to the romantic escape of my dreams. A kingdom engulfed in the beauty of nature, dreamy clouds hovering on the top of my head, a quintessential castle roosted on a rock overlooking a crystal clear lake that is endless, as far as my eyes can see. What if I told you, this is not about a fragment of my imagination but a real wondrous resort town named as Bled situated right in the middle of an Alpine lake!? The little island Bled in Slovenia, is renowned as a tourist destination for the outstretched glacial lake that surrounds the kingdom of your dreams. The journey to reach the island is as enchanting as the experience of staying there. One has to sail on a flat bottomed wooden boat, known as Pletna in their native language, as ninety nine steps bespeckled with the shining sun anticipate your arrival. A twinge of the surreal essence of the mild climate engulfs your spirit throughout the day as you explore a wide array of sport activities like golf, horse riding through the lanes oozing with nature’s splendour, fishing and trekking.

The Still Lake-L

Places to Explore – Explore the medieval fortress of your dreams in reality. Bled Castle stands strong with ramparts and moats, and a terrace offering a magnificent view. The castle houses an exquisite collection tracing the history of the town from the time of its origin, within a museum. The Church of the Assumption is a must visit for tourists. Ring the famous wishing bell before you lose yourself amidst the exhibition space on the Provost’s House. You can also say a silent prayer at the Parish Church of St Martin.

Must Do’s – Do not miss riding on a Pletna and enjoying a smooth sail towards the monumental South Staircase (Južno Stopnišče). It is absolutely impossible to miss the experience of walking on the shores of Lake Bled. I suggest diving into the many shades of blue for a panoramic underwater view. Enjoy an adrenaline rush and go for adventures around Triglav National Park and Julian Alps or indulge in rafting and tubing in the rivers of Gorenjska region.

Sojourn in – Park Hotel, Grand Hotel Toplice, Hotel Astoria, and Kompas Hotel.

Annecy, France


We have all fantasised about riding on a boat through a city of dreams, gazing at the pastel hued houses decked with blooming geranium. Annecy, the city named after the lake in the Auvergne- Rhône-Alpes region, is a painted picture from your reverie brought to life. Often referred to as the Venice of the Alps, the French city welcomes tourists in the aura of a world away from the world we live in. Robustly built castles, cathedrals and masterpieces in the world of architecture, lie on both sides of the river Thiou. If sailing with your paramour through a city bedecked in shades of love with the backdrop of the serene mountains is not romantic enough for your wanderlust soul, stroll hand in hand through the woods and make some hay while the sun shines.


Places to Explore – Annecy or Lake Annecy, renowned as ‘Europe’s cleanest lake is a must visit. To appease your love for heritage, art and culture, visit the Palais de l’Île that houses the Architecture and Heritage Interpretation Centre. To chase the undefined meaning of tranquillity, take a walk through the narrow canyon of Gorges du Fier and enjoy the view of the running water below the footbridge.

Must Do’s – One of the best experiences of Annecy is the ride on the water taxi that takes you to three picturesque villages – Talloires, Menthon St Bernard and Veyrier. The Lake Annecy is a haven for the souls lusting for adventures in water. Under the searing sun, the lake is a favourite spot for tourists who love to indulge in wake boarding, water skiing, sailing, and diving experiences with their partners. If your hunger for adventure cannot be satisfied this easy, make one heck of a memory by paragliding and landing on water. For an intimate experience of the culture of the township, plan one day of your honeymoon to rejoice in the charms of the occasional roadside live music performances.

Sojourn in — Les Loges Annecy Vieille Ville, Impérial Palace, Le Pré Carré, Les Tresoms Lake and Spa Resort, and Aparthotel Adagio Annecy Centre.

Bibury, England


I walk down the cobbled narrow streets running along honey coloured cottages with steep roofs made of local stone, with a bunch of flowers in my hand, ‘acting’ out a white wedding dream. Giggling at my fascination, I whisper to myself, “This city can add life in you and spark your deepest desires.” The storybook village, located in Gloucestershire, England, stands on both banks of the River Coln. The village gains its fame for the traditional houses, and the ornate protected buildings. Bibury is every couple’s dream destination. The splendid sight of weavers’ cottages and an expanse of water meadows are a study of contrast. The city stands as a stage set to perform an act of reinvigorating memories of the sixteenth century.

River Coln
River Coln

Places to Explore: A tour of the picturesque Arlington Row cottages decorated in profuse greenery and blooming flowers is an essential in your itinery. These were built in the year 1380 as monastic wool stores and were later converted into weavers’ cottages. To explore the marine life of Bibury, take a tour of the Bibury Trout Farm situated in the heart of Cotswold Village. Enjoy the sight as the water comes alive with a flock of ducks, kingfishers, swans, herons and otters or saunter on the meadows alongside River Coln. You can also spend peaceful hours in Saxon Church, the Church of St. Mary.

Must Dos: The trout farm offers an experience of a lifetime. Catch your own trout, or devour in the delectable taste of smoked trout recipes, and frozen sea foods. Enjoy mouth watering English gourmet cuisine, in the traditional English restaurants of Bibury and treat your senses with a cup of joe from the charming cafes.

Sojourn in: The Swan Hotel, Bibury Court, Cotteswold House, The William Morris.

Sometimes we capture immense joy from the smallest places. Poised with the profusion of the best of everything, from nature’s miracles to architectural masterpieces, the small towns in faraway cities promise the experience of a lifetime.