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Engagement Rings

There is a beautiful story behind every engagement ring. You can easily say that it is one of the most important adornments in your life. An engagement ring is not just an ordinary piece of adornment but something that you wear throughout your life. Selecting a ring can be very tasking as a  lot of thoughts will be running on your mind. Fortunately, there’s an effortless way to narrow down on the limitless styles of rings and to make your search for the perfect engagement ring easier. Every bride is different and if you are still unsure about your perfect ring, the best thing to do is to start trying out some at stores much as you can. This will help you figure out what feels right for you. Wedding Affair brings to you a few styles of engagement rings that you can choose from.

Classic Rings

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If you consider yourself as a practical person, the classic ring will sing perfectly for you. A simple band with a radiant diamond perched at the centre would look elegant with any outfit in your wardrobe. So if you appreciate all things classy, you should go for this kind of an engagement ring.

Go for coloured gemstones

If you are a free-spirited soul and prefer to boast of effortless looks then your engagement ring can’t be all traditional. To match up with your sense of style, opt for rings with opal or moonstones at their centre. For an earthier look, you can go for intertwined branches or delicate flowers holding the jewel.

Engagement Rings
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Give modern art a try 

For all the art lovers, an engagement ring can be as fascinating and inspirational as a piece of art. If you belong to this category then you should opt for bespoke designs with geometrically cut diamonds. Such kind of modern rings would not only be perfect for artistic people but those who like to keep their wardrobes crisp, simple and chic at the same time. For vintage admirers, a sleek and structured ring will fit perfectly to their taste.


Add extra glam

On the opposite side of traditional ones is the bold and charming bride. If you totally go your own way and have a different personality and style then glamorous rings are a perfect match for you. An extra-large rock with a diamond-encrusted band will be a match made in heaven for the eye-catching wardrobe you have.

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