For him: Valentines day gifting ideas


The key to shopping for men on Valentine’s day is asking the big and bold question: “Will he ever use this?” Not to generalize too much, but men love gifts that are practical. They love things that’ll make their lives significantly easier and more efficient. So, when you’re deciding on which gift will say “I love you” the best, consider his lifestyle.

Electric shoe polish kit 

Professional meetings or casual events, dressing well always leaves a lasting impression. Wearing great clothes is not just enough. Your footwear also needs your attention because they say a lot about a person’s personality. Regular polishing will keep your leather shoes prim and proper, but manually cleaning them can be time-consuming and tedious.

A classic wrist watch 

You could spend a fortune on a watch, or you can just pick up this slinky number from your favorite store. For nothing quite beats the timeless appeal of a luxury wristwatch. And whilst there are phones and electronic devices that help keep track of time for us, the ability to look down at a beautifully manufactured wristwatch never gets old


Wellness and recovery is for everybody.At the Theragun is the perfect option for a gift. Available in several different options, the Theragun is the perfect gift for anyone who is into fitness, weight lifting or someone who is looking to receive the closest thing to a professional massage without the continued cost

6-pack socks set 

Any memorable outfit starts with the bottom layer. Choosing to get a week long set of  socks or underwear will be highly appreciated by any guy and  keep him stocked with stylish undergarments.

Noise-canceling headphones 

With noise cancelling headphones, your guy can dive deep into an audiobook or podcast, jam out to their favorite music, or take conference calls. Trust us he is sure to love the gift.

A kindle if he’s reading

The Kindle is perfect for avid readers. It now has a built-in front light to make reading easier on the eyes, and also will let them can adjust the brightness for indoor and outdoor reading. A single charge can last up to weeks. It comes in black or white.


No gentleman’s wardrobe is complete without cufflinks. This elegant pair of cufflinks  forged from sterling silver and finished properly  of course, fits with the Valentine’s Day theme.