For the era of Minimal Weddings


The face of Indian weddings changed with the advent of the virus that has also shook the world. With COVID limitations on guests and scale of a wedding, Indian weddings have adapted to minimalism. And also there are a few of us, who like to keep it simple and casual and we totally get you. The entire idea of having a minimalistic aura about your wedding is the newest trend in the market. And we, at Wedding Affair, are here to help you with some ideas to tone things down on your D-day!

The Décor

Décor is the first thing that strikes our minds when thinking of a wedding. Yes, décor plays a pivotal role in getting everyone in the wedding mood. But going overboard with huge chandeliers and luxurious tents isn’t always the perfect idea. You can always go for minimal, simpler, yet creative set-ups; flowers in neutral shades, minimum table decor and fun photo booths will tone the exaggeration down from your wedding. Also, it’s a money saver. So win-win! Yay! Plus, with the ongoing trend of DIYs, some wedding designers offer brilliant DIY décor ideas that are super easy to pull off.



Yes, well, for many of us, weddings are almost synonymous to sumptuous and lip-smacking food. Isn’t it? Then why waste it, right? When you’re going for minimalism, try to focus on being elegant and not boisterous. Your menu should include the standard minimal appetizers, main course and desserts that are made with love and presented well. You do not have to put up millions of varieties of cakes, ‘cause no one can eat that much, right?

Guest List

We get it, that weddings are supposed to be enjoyed in crowds. But COVID has changed the face of Indian weddings. So, rendering minimalism to the invite list is the new trend! We can always plan a guest list that includes the near and dear ones, family and friend. This way, we keep the guest list short, minimal and close-knit. Another plus of this would be that you can get everything done in a limited space with controlled budgets.

Wedding Venue

We advise you to pick a venue that offers you the best view and picturesque locations. Spend a significant amount of your budget on the venue because it can save you a chunk on the décor. Beautiful locations exude the elegance of their own, hence require minimal decor.



Indian weddings are all about exchanging tons of gifts, sweets, fruits and what not! But if you’re planning to opt for minimalism, we suggest you pick up gifts that are ‘value for money’ and have great utility for your guests. You do not have to gratuitously spend on shiny artefacts or those gigantic gift items that are going to sit in your guest’s storeroom for ages.

Wedding Invitations

Of course! We do need to invite our guests and inform them about the event dates, but why do we have to make a big deal out of it. With digital media growing bigger every day, we can simply switch to E-wedding-invites; send them on Whatsapp or Emails. This will save you a lot of money that can be used on other things for the wedding.

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