Four tips for bridal outfits to follow: quarantine edition


The pandemic has been hard on all the sectors especially the wedding industry. Due to these restrictions weddings are taking place on a minimal level. Now speaking of a minimal level, how can your brides look gorgeous yet minimal at your wedding? Well, we have your backs!! Because we have a perfect set of outfit ideas for the brides to follow and look their best even after all those restrictions, have a look!

Revamp old outfits maybe?!

Since quarantine weddings require minimal social interactions, and due to this, brides are unable to go out and about for their usual wedding trails. But not to worry ladies as we have a perfect alternative for you. You can always try and revamp your traditional and customize them, you can probably use your mom’s or even your grandma’s old suits and sarees to convert them into your fairytale lehengas. This way you’ll stay safe and you’ll also get a chance to follow your homely traditions of vintage clothing. 

Mask it up! 

Well, this probably is one of the most essential accessories nowadays, and don’t forget to add this accessory to your wedding outfit. This will not only keep you protected but also give a new and fresh touch to your wedding outfit. Make sure to match your mask with the theme and color of your entire wedding outfit, because c’mon it is your special day and everything should be just perfect!

Keep it minimal!

Well, now this one is for all the ladies who wish to keep their accessory game simple yet classic, and if this is the case then what better than having a quarantine wedding, right? You can always keep your jewelry and your makeup minimal, just to give yourself a chance to feel comfortable at your own wedding, because c’mon gone are the days when brides used to be all extra from head to toe. So, it’s better that you keep your makeup and your jewelry minimal. 


This one is actually not just a good tip for your quarantine wedding outfits, but this way you’ll also help the campaign supporting local brands and Indian handicrafts. For all the ladies who’re not in favor of going extra with their wedding lehenga on their quarantine wedding well then you ladies can always opt for local handicrafts and support their work by embracing their intricate karigari and supporting our own country. 

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