Four ways to go full vintage in terms of your Wedding Decor!!


Are you bored of these modern wedding ideas? Well, then why don’t you go back to classics? What we mean is that you can always make your wedding look as vintage as you want! have a look at these four super cool vintage techniques to give your wedding a perfect vintage makeover. 

Go for signboards!!

Since we’re all set to give your wedding a vintage look, then the first and foremost tip for vintage wedding decor is to put up signboards everywhere. Nope, we’re not talking about those boring signs, instead, we aim at those vintage-looking wooden shipped signboards. You can always label your specific highlights of the wedding on those signboards like “Drinks calling-The bar” or “hit the dance floor-DJ”. And apart from labeling stuff, you can always think of inducing a few quotes everywhere on vintage chippy sight boards. 

Vintage photo Booth!

Well, let’s be honest with each other, we attend weddings majorly for the food and photographs, right? Speaking of photographs and vintage decor how about a vintage photo booth at your wedding? You can use a tiny space of your wedding venue to convert it into a vintage corner. Props like vintage signboards saying “since 99” or some other old-school quotes will give your wedding an antique and quirky style. Moreover, you can also set up a white vintage cycle with pastel flowers and old-school vibes of ancient cycle rides. 

Colour palette- Pastel 

Well, this is probably one of tech’s most important factors in contributing to vintage wedding decor, and that is the color palette. You need to make sure that the entire wedding decor and all the designs are according to the pastel color palette. Warm blues and bushy pinks and vintage creams will give you all the inspiration you need in order to carve out a perfectly looking vintage wedding venue. 

Vintage lighting style

Lastly, you need to make sure that your traditional Indian wedding is not just all about good food, but also about good vintage lighting. Now you must be thinking that how can you make your venue light up like a vintage stage. Well. you can always make use of those vintage cages, in all sizes and wrap around toe fairy lights all over your venue. Sure does sound like some serious work, but trust me once all done it’s all going to be worth the hard work. 

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