The Indian market lures international luxury brands to venture into the market to tap opportunities and the newest one to do so is French luxury label called Longchamp. It was founded by Jean Cassegrain back in the 1940’s in Paris. He kick started his venture by producing luxury pipes coated with leather, then started producing varied leather goods such as wallets but what bought a revolutionary change for the brand was the mix of nylon and leather to manufacture luggage and women’s handbags. This innovation made it one of France’s leading producers of leather goods.

Longchamp made its grand entry in India last month and launched its store in New Delhi. CEO Jean Cassegrain was quoted saying “We arrived late here as it took us time to find the right partner. Another reason was the difficulty in finding good store locations. It’s not easy to find the store locations in luxury because the options are very limited. In future, we may look at more stores in Mumbai, Chennai or Bengaluru”. He said that the brand is planning to expand it’s reach by opening up to six stores in India in the coming 3-4 years.

The more the merrier they say, isn’t it?

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