Friends Fashion Flashback: Retro Chic Style

Monica, Rachel And Phoebe

Isn’t it fascinating how Monica, Rachel and Phoebe lived their best lives in the most amazing outfits? ‘Friends’ is an American sitcom that holds a special place in the hearts of audiences globally. From good-old light-hearted comedy to the most amazing connections, their stories never failed to stir us. The sitcom was also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Hence, the raging roar of fashion that it instigated among us refuses to die still. With ‘Retro Fashion’ making a comeback in our wardrobes, ‘Friends’ continue to give us style goals. Even the show is set to return on the screen.

A special episode of sitcom ‘Friends’ will air soon on HBO Max. The unscripted reunion has set the fans in a frenzy. The show has been trending again and for good. Therefore, Wedding Affair has shortlisted the ‘Friends’ styles that you must try this season.

Plaid Shirts

Rachel Green
Screen Rant

Well, this was a favourite ‘Friends’ style, wasn’t it? Loose, comfy shirts paired with cute mini skirts or simple black trousers always look cool. All the three girls on the show spotted this cool style at least once in the show. But Rachel was the one to totally nail the style. She often knotted them from the bottom to create an under breezy vibe. Blue and red plaid shirts particularly accentuate your style to the nines. 


Phoebe Buffay

Wearing overalls casually at home was the new ‘cool’ hyped by ‘Friends’. Now that we are locked down at our homes for some time now, we can add a little fun to our personal style to brighten our moods. One can easily style comfy overalls when at home. Phoebe was the one who introduced wacky accentuates to overalls style. And Phoebe was undoubtedly the coolest of all friends. Hence, take style inspiration from Phoebe and make your wardrobe cool again.

Mom Jeans

Monica Geller

High-waisted and relaxed-fit jeans are definitely the new cool. But ‘Friends’ did it way before it was cool. Maybe, they made it cool!? Anyway, Monica Gellers styled this ‘relaxed fit’ jeans to the hilt. Mom jeans look particularly stylish when paired with ankle boots/sneakers and cropped t-shirts or oversized shirts. A plain t-shirt can easily take your style game to the next level when paired with these jeans.

Plaid Skirts

Rachel Green

This style of mini skirts is often associated with Rachel Green. And rightly so! Rachel Green was the original queen of styling the cute skirts. Her red plaid skirt particularly went viral recently with the wave of trending ‘90s fashion. She had paired her red plaid skirt with a full-sleeved, white fleece blouse. She also added knee socks and shoes to create that perfect ‘school girl’ effect to her outfit. Well, you can easily rock this style too. Replace the blouse with a knotted top. Or maybe, pair it with chunky sneakers. This style will definitely make people go ‘ga-ga’ over your outfit.

White Shirts

Monica Geller

Oh, the versatile white shirts! You might have noticed how effortlessly the ‘Friends’ cast would style white shirts. And it is that easy too. You can easily pair them with your overalls, bright pants or skirts, or your slip tops for great fashion quotient. But the way Monica Geller totally owned the simple white shirt was phenomenal. The stylists just had the best makeup and look for Courteney Cox in several episodes. Monica beautifully rocked in a white shirt paired with relaxed jeans, cool hair chop and red lips. Styled with bare minimum accessories, her look oozed glamour.

Slip-On Dresses

Rachel Green

The slip-on dress is the biggest comeback from the ‘90s. Simple yet elegant, the slip-on dress also adds a sexy appeal to your look. Rachel Green styled the slip-on dress in the best way possible. She often wore it with a plain white t-shirt for an effortless and uber-cool appeal. For your evening looks, a red or black coloured slip-on dress comes handy and amplifies your style game. Pair it with dainty chains and rings for a ravishing look.

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