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Getting prepared for the summers is always a daunting task. With heat waves, hot weather and sweating everything seems out of the league to get started all the summer regimen in an instant. If you’re also dealing with this dilemma then we are here to keep you hydrated with some fruit infused drinks that not only keep you summer ready but also energise you from inside out.

Sparkling Honey Limeade

An uplifting drink to add in your summer-drinks list. Ingredients include club soda, honey, lime juice, and a bit cold water to get the divine taste.

Watermelon Lemonade

For all those watermelon lovers try this drink to lift up your mood. For this drink, you will need some watermelon cubes, lemon juice, crushed ice, water, and sugar. To give it more refreshing taste add two-three basil leaves.

Sweet Sunshine Juice

Beat the heat with this invigorating sweet sunshine juice. All you need is oranges, cucumber, carrots, cranberries, mint leaves, and a small piece of ginger to intensify the taste.

Tan-Armenian Yoghurt Drink

In this high summer give your taste buds an exotic flavour. For this enlivening drink, you’ll need plain yoghurt, cucumber properly peeled and chopped, sea salt, parsley and water.

Agua De Jamaica (Hibiscus Lime Cooler)

With its tangy taste you’re definitely going to love this drink. To make this drink all you need is dried hibiscus flowers, coconut water, lime, granulated sugar, and cold water.

All these drinks are must to give it a try in the scorching heat of summers and feel the refreshing vibes that these drinks will give you later on. So start your day on an energetic note as you drink these energetic and nutritious fruit drinks. 

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