Fun activities to enjoy with your partner


Couples who enjoy together, stay together! Whether you are spending too much time at home or you are spending too much time away, doing fun activities whenever together can actually cement your relationship. Today, Wedding Affair lists some fun activities that you must take with your partner to enjoy at home. Happy couple time to you!

Hand-made house decor

Whether it’s something to hang up or finally putting that table together, working together on a task can be great for your ‘communication skills’. For what it is worth, this “date” works if you really just want your S.O. to help you with something. So, how do you put together a space that suits you both? You need to learn how to decorate your home as a couple and with a little effort, enjoy it too! Decorating a home can be an emotional experience. You’re making choices that will have a lasting impact on your surroundings. These choices often involve finances, which can be one of the most charged subjects within a relationship.


Erotic Massages

You can’t get a professional massage right now, but that doesn’t mean you and your partner can’t help each other relax. Light candles to set the mood and use lotions to make the massages feel legit. You’ll both feel relieved and closer after the experience.

Date Nights at Home

We LOVE game nights! It’s one of our favourite ways to have a date night at home. Some couples usually open a bottle of wine, set out a cheese board, and challenge each other to a bet. Backgammon used to be often their favourite game to play together. You can also go for classics like playing cards. Some can seriously spend hours playing this game and also have so much fun! A little bit of competition can also be a great aphrodisiac! If you want to host a double date, a game night is a fantastic at-home date night idea for a group date or a double date!

A Couple Cooks

Cooking together is so much fun!

Enjoy a delicious Italian dinner in the comforts of your cosy home by breaking out the pasta maker. You could even try to recreate some of your favourite dishes — and who knows, you might even find a new favourite date night dinner. Whether you’re dating, newlyweds, or are in the full swing of marriage, getting alone time with your significant other is a nice change of pace from any average mealtime. Plus, contrary to eating out at a restaurant, cooking together is time to interactively engage. There’s nothing more exciting than taking on a new skill, and what’s better than showing each other a thing or two in the process? You’ll both improve your skills in the kitchen, by watching, doing, and learning.

Couple Workout

If you’re spending a lot of time at home then that means spending a lot more time with your partner. You can make some of this time productive by grabbing them and getting in a great home couples workout. It’ll give you both something to do, get your bodies moving and lets not even mention the (extra) quality time you’ll get with each other. 

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