Fun bridal shower games ideas


Bridal shower is the grand celebration before the actual wedding usually thrown by friends and family for the bride. This is a concept that has existed for many years now, but off-lately has been taken more seriously and done on a bigger scale than before.

With themes being the current obsession the bridal shower these days ought to have one according to which the entire food and games menu also gets decided.

Where was this picture taken? 

Hang up around ten numbered pictures of the couple on various trips or in different locations. Guests and gals can write down where they think each picture was taken, and the person with the most correct guesses wins a small prize.

Scavenger Hunt

An interactive scavenger hunt will get guests up and on their feet while getting to know one another better in a relaxed yet competitive setting. If the event is the right  location, clues like “This is where the couple had their first class together ” or “This is where the couple first met ”  are usually a fun place to start if you’re among friends who know both of you from the start.

Paper Bride

Guests divide into teams of three or four. One member of each team is the model; the others construct a wedding dress using toilet paper.The bride picks their favorite cab get proper quality paper for this 

Who Can Make the Best Cocktail?

Set up a full bar, label all ingredients with cards, and have teams compete to concoct the best wedding cocktail. The bride can then choose their favorite drink, and the team chosen gets bragging rights at the bar.

Wedding Movies Edition

Write names of wedding movies on cards and divide the party into two teams. Players act out titles to their own team members, who must guess the answer in three minutes or less.