Fun mehendi ceremony games for the whole family


Indian weddings nothing short of a elaborate celebration where we are grooving around and of course, with loads of fun and happiness. And families don’t keave any stone unturned when it comes to celebrating the couples union through fun games that help bond both the families. Having said that, including joyous indoor and outdoor games and activities at their pre-wedding ceremonies is one of the most out-of-the-box ways that couples are indulging in to keep their guests entertained.

It your someone who loves games and makes sure to have fun…we have some amazing ideas for you to try out during your roka ceremony.


Having a trampoline is an edgy child like  way to add fun to your wedding ceremony Also, it’s going to keep the kids happy and busy because we all know how kids just love trampolines. And now even the adults can join in all the fun.

Giant snakes and ladders

Everyone knows snake and ladders.  There is no need to explain the game no confusion or anything at all. Have a huge snakes and ladders board spread on the floor and let people play to their hearts content.Roll that huge dice and let people take their turns walking ahead, climbing the ladders or bitten by a snake. 

Shoe game

This highly popular Indian wedding game is super fun and adorable to play. While the bride and groom play this, it’s equal joyous and a laughter riot for everybody watching them play it. In this game, the couple sits back-to-back holding their shoe in one hand and their partner’s shoe in the other. They are then asked questions and statements related to them and their relationship to which the couple has to reply to raising the shoe for who matches those statements the most. Make sure to include some tricky questions to make the whole thing interesting. 

Cricket match

Cricket is India’s national game and it’s obvious that both the groom and broader side compete to the core as they enjoy themselves throughout the day. It’s becoming a huge trend of late after PeeCee & Nick Jonas were seeing playing this game on their mehndi ceremony along with their friends and families.