Fun return gifts for your wedding guests

Return gifts

A wedding is an affair to remember, no matter where it takes place and how. It’s a celebration where emotions run high and everyone present is happy for you. One of the reasons why a wedding becomes so magical is quintessentially because of the people present – the wonderful guests that have come to share this special day with you. As return gifts for guests are becoming quite the rage these days, we are here to help you choose what you can give back to your lovely guests.

1) Paper bags filled with an assortment of dried nuts

Return gifts

Everyone loves dried nuts and it’s a fun snack to munch on. The best part about this return gift is just how easy it is to make. All you need is a brown paper bag (or any color that you prefer), a few different types of nuts and a cello tape. Fill the bag with a generous amount of these dried nuts and tape it up. If you want to go that extra mile, you can print out each guests’ name on the bag. This is bound to make them feel really special.

2) Bespoke bars of soap

Return gifts

Ever had anyone hand you an elaborately carved bar of soap? Well, maybe not. Any guest would be happy to receive such a unique gift. If the soap smells like berries and fruits and all sorts of wonderful, your gift is bound to leave a very lasting impression.

3) Customized key-chains

Return gifts

Most people like it when a gift is as useful as much as it is thoughtful. Key-chains are small, cute and something that could make a great present for anyone. With the help of that key-chain gift, every time they open the door to their apartments, they’ll remember just how much fun they had at your wedding.

4) Favour bags filled with cookies

Return gifts

You may say that favour bags are a common concept now and that everyone uses them. However, not many people make use of favour bags as they really should be using them – filling it up with the most delicious cookies, of course. Make sure you don’t steal these bags for yourself although it can be very, very tempting to.

5) Personalized bookmarks

Return gifts

With these absolutely delicate gifts, the bibliophile guests at your wedding will be really grateful and the ones who have never read a book will probably find encouragement to pick up a book to read. You know what the best part about gifting a bookmark is? You are spoilt for choice as the design options are limitless.

6) Favour boxes

Return gifts

The friendly cousin of the favour bag, favour boxes in small sizes too make for a great gift. Fill it up with macaroons, chocolates or whatever your heart desires and you’re good to do. Tying the box with a dainty little ribbon will act as the icing on top.

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