Six fun things you can do with your family before your wedding


If your wedding is fast approaching, you might not even have the time to read this. But we are still going to urge you to because we want you to make some time for your family, show them just how grateful you are and thank them for always being so supportive of your dreams and hopes. Show them just how much you care about them, after all they accepted you and loved you for who you were, are and will be. Before you finally leave the nest, you must spend as much time as you can with your family and plan your days around theirs’. Here’s a list of things you could try out.

1) Plan a day for each one of your family members


While you will have some time to fit your whole family in whatever grand plan you may have, it is also important to set aside individual time-outs with each family member. Go out for a day of shopping with just your mother, watch your father’s all-time favorite movie with him, have a spa-date with your sister and for once learn how to play any one video game that your brother can’t seem to get enough of. You never know when you or for that matter they will be able to make time for these little outings and activities.

2) Take thematic family portraits


With Game of Thrones (GoT) being all the rage right now, introduce your parents to a family photoshoot in Winterfell or even King’s Landing. If GoT isn’t your cup of tea, there are so many other themes to choose from – an elaborate Mughal era inspired shoot for starters or even a casual day out kind of vibe will totally make for a great photoshoot. Remember, the more the candid the pictures look, the better it will be.

3) Plan a trip together


Allot each member of the family with a different role in planning the trip. You can lay the foundation of this family trip by deciding on the venue while your brother can scout for accommodation options. Let your mother be the treasurer of the trip and your father can chalk out each day’s activities. Your Instagram famous sister can be the official photographer of the whole trip, also chip into each other’s responsibilities as much as you can. Make the memories worthwhile.

4) Make personalized return gifts for the wedding guests together


As this will be one of the last few times the whole family gets together to do something as a family, make sure you put your hearts into it and your family’s signature touch to whatever you plan on making. Fill the room with cheerful music and good food and have a great time singing along with your beloved family.

5) Plan a treasure hunt for your parents with the help of your siblings


There may have been times when you hated the very existence of your siblings but the truth is, you love them more than anything in the whole world and would do anything for them. Your siblings are your allies and together you can plan a fun game of treasure hunt for your folks.

6) Save a day for your cousins


Your childhood or for that matter, your whole life would’ve been pretty bland had it not been for your weird and eccentric cousins. You’ve spent the majority of your life with them and they deserve a special day of love as well. So, gather all your cousins together and party your heart out with them.