Fun Wedding Games Ideas for Bride and Groom


Wedding games are ideal icebreakers for all guests and the newlyweds and ensure that the wedding celebrations’ amusement and delight do not wane. Not to mention how they keep the kids involved in the excitement!

Could you picture a wedding reception with no music, entertainment, games, or guests’ laughter? Even if the bride and groom are happy, no visitor wants to be a part of a dull wedding ceremony.

Sangeet, dancing, and wedding games add zing to a wedding reception. A wedding function would be completely dull and lackluster without them. When the bride and groom play the wedding games, everyone at the wedding enjoys watching their beautiful tussle and banter.

Best wedding games to include for bride and groom:

You’ve come to the correct place if you want to add some of the best Indian wedding games to your celebrations. We took care of the chore for you because we know how difficult it may be to determine what kinds of games to include in your wedding.

Indian wedding games make the event exciting, but they also ensure that your guests are well entertained. To ensure that your wedding reception is full of fun and excitement, we’ve compiled a list of intriguing and unusual Indian wedding ideas.

A dance duel

Dance duel game

A dance duel between the bride and groom’s sides during your Sangeet or reception ceremony can add excitement and delight to your occasion. A dance duel is one of the most popular yet enchanting wedding games you can include in your event to keep your guests entertained for hours.

Chairs with music

Music chair game

The ever-classic ‘every birthday party game’ may surely make an appearance at weddings. This would be one of the best Indian wedding reception games, with the couple and the guests participating. Also, don’t forget to keep the prizes for the winners!


Antakshari game for wedding

Antakshari, our unique game, would always be missing from any list of the best Indian wedding games. Since we were kids, we’ve all had a lot of fun with this joyful and rib-tickling wedding game.

The nicest aspect about this game is that you don’t have to invest any money to play it. Make two teams and invite your guests to sing and dance all night. Induce some beverages and mocktails to make your guests a little tipsy to add to the pleasure of this game.

Fishing with rings

Flashing ring game

Ring fishing is a classic Indian wedding activity practiced at every Indian wedding. In front of the married pair sits a large bowl filled with milk and a pinch of turmeric. The bride and groom’s wedding rings are placed in the basin. The bride and groom must use their free hand to locate the coils. Whoever discovers the rings first gets lifetime bragging rights.

Who is the most likely candidate?

Who’s more likely

This wedding game will keep all of your guests entertained. Provide the guests with paddleboards bearing the faces of the groom and bride on one side each and ask them questions about the marriage. Allow guests to make educated estimates and participate in the game. This is the newest Indian wedding game that’s sweeping the nation. You may prepare a list of amusing and relatable questions and remarks for the visitors to guess.

Shoe Match

Matching shoe game

The shoe game, formerly popular in western weddings, has now swept over Indian weddings. The game’s principle is straightforward. Everyone witnessing the bride and groom play this is equally delighted and laughing hysterically. In this game, the couple sits back-to-back, one holding their shoe and the other their partner’s. The couple is then presented with questions and statements about themselves and their relationship, to which they must respond by raising the shoe that best matches those comments. The player who gets the correct answers wins the game and, of course, a large prize!

A couple’s marriage advice

This is a cute and crucial game because it will keep the visitors entertained and provide the couple with useful and humorous advice for their new lives. Set up a nice section with pens, colorful paper chits, and jars for your visitors to write down any direction they want to give you and place it in.

Memory Game

Memory wedding game

Do you want to see which among the bride and groom has the best memory? You can find out by playing a memory game. This mind-boggling game will thoroughly entertain the guests and family members. Place a few of the bride and groom’s possessions on the table and ask them to examine them for 10-15 seconds carefully. Tell them to write down the names of the belongings they recall once they’ve finished glancing at them.

Not only can the newlywed couple play the game, but you can also invite other couples to join in on the excitement.


Tug of war

You’ve always enjoyed playing it as a kid, and we’re confident you’ll enjoy it even more at weddings! You can have penalties for the losing team or awards and presents for the winning team to add extra fun.


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