Funk Up Your Wedding Decor With These Quirky Signage Ideas


The quality of being amusing, comical, funny is a quality that can never ‘not’ work in your favour. We’re pretty sure your wife-to-be is gambling this wedding on that Chandler Bing side of yours, and no, it’s not just because of your dashing charisma. 

Jokes apart, but it’s indeed true that humour can make anything much better than what it already might be. Similarly, putting a humorous element to your wedding decor can be a real hit as your guests would really enjoy those interactive and funny decor pieces which would keep them visually and mentally enraptured. To amplify your wedding or any other wedding-related occasion decor, funny signages are a must that you should experiment with and you know you would never go wrong with these. These look really quirky and appealing in outdoor weddings especially when you have even more scope and space to experiment. 

Lately, funny signages have become really popular in the wedding realm as, one, these work out in however way you put them to use in like and, two, these are really cheap of a decor idea which is why even if something goes wrong you know you wouldn’t be at a loss as such. These are pretty simple in design but quite showstoppers, and that’s why you can even DIY them yourself or have your wedding decorators do it no time. And therefore, Wedding Affair brings to you a list of cute and funky decor signage ideas that would steal the hearts of your guests at the wedding. 

Whimsical Chair Signage 

Marquee Signage

Funky Bar Signage

Signages With Directions

Slate Board Signage