Fuss-Free Hairstyles For Your Stay-At-Home Days


Are all these office meetings from home and longer-than-ever conference calls taking a toll on you? Then you must get up and do something about it! Maybe change into new clothes, lie down on a fresh bedsheet or redecorate your workspace to feel fresh. Out of all these ideas, today Wedding Affair recommends you to try a different hairstyle to surprise your acquaintances on all the video chats you’ve been having! Along with that, it’ll be a refreshing change for you, a break-away from your mundane lifestyle, well maybe, to make you feel a little more motivated today. Here is a list of hairstyles you can try while you are nicely quarantined at your home.

Voluminous Double Pony

Rockability Hairstyles

Stylecaster explains this hairstyle, telling that not only does this make you look like your hair has grown inches overnight, it also adds crazy volume and thickness to even the finest hair…and it’s incredibly easy. Plus, it adds oodles of chic factor to your outfits with the utmost ease.

Elegant Messy Buns

Alex Gaboury

Well, this is the best while all you gotta do is sitting in front of the screen the whole day. It is totally easy to do and incredibly chic. All you got to do is to twist your hair in a beautiful updo. Let the strands fall loosely and accentuate your best features.

Cute Braids

Missy Sue

Well, let us accept it, braids are the cutest hairstyles to carry when at home. Not only braids are comfortable but also super fun to style. With cute pastel outfits, this hairstyle will totally accentuate your aura.

Twisted Half Updo

Becoming Alice

Well, this is the easiest hairstyle that you can style and carry for the entire day. There is hardly anything to do. The part your hair and twist the upper segment into an elegant updo. Simple. Elegant. Yet Fun!

Crisscross Pins

Lynnette Joselly

Again, if you’re feeling too lazy, just use hair accessories to your benefit. Tie your hair, or let them loose, just criss-cross a few cute pins across the highlight your hairstyle.


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