Necessities of gifts and presents to adorning Grooms


       Necessities of gifts and presents to adorning Grooms

It has been rightly said that gifting is an art. That being said, not a lot of us excel at it. So when we get an invitation to a wedding, it triggers a certain anxiety within us to buy the right present for the bride and groom. If you’re a guest at a wedding this year, it’s time to start thinking about what wedding gift to buy for the lucky couple. While wedding/gift registry seems like the safer option it’s still not a common practice in Indian weddings, and even if the couple that is getting married has done it, if you are a close friend or relative you want your gift to have a more intimate feel to it.

You can either choose to give a gift to the couple or to the bride or groom specifically. This section talks about gifts specifically for the Groom.
Your gift, and the amount spent on it is decided by the following two factors:
-How close or distant you are to the groom/couple?
-Are you getting them a solo present or pitching in with a bunch of other people?
This brings us to the 3 Groom Gifting Commandments:

  1. It must be unique, but not at the sacrifice of usefulness.
  2. It must have the ability to draw out the personality of the Man as an individual.
  3. It must be fun to open.

Coming to gifts based on your relationship with the Groom.

If You Are Close Friend –
Get something that is symbolic of your bro-mance.
*A hip flask with the Groom’s name and a personalized message, wrapped with a bottle of his favourite spirit is fail proof.
*Gift certificate to a local restaurant.

P.C: bettys

If You Are Just a Friend –
*A bucket full of miniature alcohol bottles.
*A perfect gift for the new bride and groom can be a personalized wedding bells set.

The Group –
Or a bunch of friends can together contribute to a bigger gift, this will not only take some load off of the couple’s bank account but also makes for a memorable gift.
*You can buy a piece of furniture for their new home.
*Sponsor an experience or part of it, like flights to and from their honeymoon destination, or tickets to a concert.

Being a relative you are in a relatively safe zone. Meaning you are not expected to put a lot of thought, or personalized touch in the gift. You can stick to the traditional gifts and still present something special.

P.C: alicdn

A Close Relative –
*Help the Man in setting up his new house, buy them furniture.
*Or utility items like a washing machine, or a coffee machine, the list is never lasting.

A Distant Relative –
*Buy crockery, chinaware, silver utensils.
*An envelope full of cash. Don’t forget the shagun ka 1 rupee.

It goes without saying that as his better half you must have a gift ready for him, which you’ll most probably hand him on your first night post marriage or on the honeymoon trip. And while he has already received the best possible gift ever. . . .You as his life partner, a little token of love is only like a cherry on the top.

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*Gift him a pair of cuff links with the dates of when you started dating and the wedding date engraved on them.
*Surprise him by arranging for an adventure sport that he dreamed of, or is a little scared to pursue on his own.
*A little something for his indulgence. A Mancrate, filed with things of his liking, especially those connected to his bachelorhood.



There’s a wedding invitation with your name printed on it. You are the chosen one; don’t shy away from splurging a little to make The Groom gush by looking at his wedding presents. It’s his big day too after all!


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