Game Changer: Models Walk On Water For Fendi’s 90th


Fendi’s association with the Trevi Fountain in Rome began when the brand spent a whopping 2.2 million dollars to restore and open to public the iconic monument as a part of their ‘Fendi for Fountains’ project, earlier last year. One can only imagine the choice of the Trevi Fountain as a backdrop for the Italian brand’s fall 2016 couture show to be congruous one. As Fendi turns 90 this year, the brand invited guests to take part in the celebrations, highlights of which included chartered flights to the venue and ‘The Artisans of Dreams’ exhibition of 300 bag bugs and infinity mirrors. The crescendo though was the ‘Legends and Fairytales’ show in which the models walked on a glass ramp on the fountain giving the illusion of walking on water itself.

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