Gauri Khan announces collaboration with Hèrmosa Design Studio

Hèrmosa Design Studio x Gauri Khan (1)

Interior designer Gauri Khan and home decor heaven Hèrmosa Design Studio are introducing a new chapter in the kingdom of luxury interiors with this collaboration. Founded in 2018, Hèrmosa Design Studio hopes to deliver comfort and durability that will help to turn empty spaces into stories, filled with emotions and memories.

The Announcement

A glimpse of what’s to come can be found in the fusion of the dual logos on the coasters, released on the eve of the brand’s second anniversary. Hence, these coasters serve as a fitting symbol for the coming together of two distinct design ideologies.

Hèrmosa Design Studio x Gauri Khan_ Sneak Peek
The coasters released on the eve of the brand’s second anniversary.

Gauri Khan will bring her unparalleled sense of style to Hèrmosa by designing an exquisite furniture line for the brand. Together they bring to you a lifestyle that serves as the coming together of fashion, form and function. As a result, expect timeless pieces set in warm, neutral tones that can easily blend into today’s global lifestyles.

The Two Design Mavericks

Pranjal Agarwal, CEO of the decor studio, says, “It has been an honour to merge our distinct design ideologies for this exclusive collaboration. As an interior designer par excellence, Gauri Khan needs no introduction. The individuality of her design is something we have always looked up to, and we are excited to blend her elevated sense of aesthetics with Hèrmosa’s design philosophy for our collaborative line of furniture.”

Hèrmosa Design Studio x Gauri Khan_ Sneak Peek

Speaking about this collaboration, Gauri Khan says, “I am excited to work closely with the finest minds at Hèrmosa Design Studio and create a line incorporating our unique design philosophies which complement each other in the best way possible. Henceforth, I can’t wait to watch every piece come to life with the one-of-a-kind workmanship that can only be found at Hèrmosa.”

Previous Collabs

The brand has also collaborated with designer Nikhil Thampi in the past, and hopes to strike the right balance between functionality and reliability. Hence, ensuring a buying experience that offers unmatched quality.

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