Taking a walk down memory lane tells us that jewellery set in gold and precious stones was as much of significance to a man as that to a woman, take the Mughal empire for instance. But that’s somewhat lost in today’s world where accessories are being ruled by the females.

Gehna Jewellres Lapel Pin

Iconic fine jewellery label Gehna Jewellers collaborated with none other than Bollywood Actor/Director/Producer Karan Johar for the ‘KJo for Gehna’ collection and created an exquisite lapel pin which symbolizes victory and caters to both men and women. This exclusive piece is a victory lapel pin studded with diamonds and is set in 18kt gold. It has gold chains which give the look of fringes and make it look very classy. This statement piece symbolizes victory along with luxury in the purest form. It is beautifully shaped into a design resembling a hand that will instantly accentuate any outfit, irrespective of whether it is casual or formal. And the best part is that the silhouette of the design is contemporary and it is made very intricately, so it catches the eye instantly.
Sunil Datwani, the man behind Gehna Jewellers has been the driving force for the brand and it’s expertise in fine jewellery making. It is a brand that shows an amalgamation of classic traditional motifs and modern styles. Gehna Jewellers target today’s woman, the one who demands jewels that are not just passed on for generations and locked away safely, but ones that are practical and versatile. Today’s woman is one who won’t compromise on the quality and hence Gehna Jewellers is here to provide international standards. The collections are inspired by historic periods such as the Mughal era and the end result of that inspiration is pieces which command attention and when eyes laid on demand to be taken home.

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This is so unique. I love the lapel pin from Gehna.


Beautiful lapel pin. I just love t