Get Hitched With Mosaic Events


Attending hundreds of weddings and watching the intriguing interior decor keeps you wondering how your wedding would turn out. Worry not, Mosiac Events are there to help you flush out all those worries and let you enjoy the festivities. Getting hitched among elegant floral motifs is worth a photograph, so what are you waiting for? Go grab this opportunity to give your wedding decor into their hands.


Mosaic EventsEstablished in the year 2010 by Mr Raj K. Batra, the company is famously known for its immaculately planned and skilfully executed experiences curated by for its customers. Over 18 years of expertise in marketing and communication, Mr Raj K. Batra has famed Mosaic Events as a top-notch host for weddings and events across the country and overseas as well. They present to you unparalleled grandeur with enthralling, alluring and enchanting wedding decor. The decor suits your imagination and fits perfectly into your dream ideas. The staff offers you a unique and valuable blend of qualifications, creativity, and talents. It is this amalgam of personality and experience that generates a wonderfully artistic and professional team to design, fabricate and manage all events.

MosaicThey have the confidence of having the audacity to experiment and bring out the best of everything. It is a fusion of aesthetics and luxury. They provide you with the extrinsic theme-based style preference delivering the type of wedding decor you’ve asked for. 

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